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Farro Fresh

Farro Fresh is a fresh food market with three stores in Auckland. We caught up with owner Janene Draper to talk about 2degrees and their business.

Why does Farro need mobiles?

"We have a number of category managers that go between the stores to ensure there is quality and consistency between our products. Mobiles enable us to keep in contact with them and for them to keep in contact with the other store managers and also with suppliers."

What was life like before 2degrees?

"Before 2degrees it was chaos. We hadn't had a supplier that let us down as much as they did. There was so much time in our accounts office just trying to make sense of the statements. No one cared enough to want to sort out our problem. And at 2degrees there's been total care."

How did things start with 2degrees?

"2degrees phoned us to ask for an appointment and we were very open to the idea of meeting them. They looked at our current usage right down to each individual and what their needs were and developed a tailored proposal from there."

What does 2degrees do differntly?

"Just as in our industry, having a third player come into the market is really exciting – it gives people more choice. That choice is often better and that's exactly what we've seen with working with 2degrees. We have carryover minutes and data in our plans. And being able to call freely between the team's mobiles and to regular suppliers. This has also enabled us to free up landlines in the stores."

How did the switchover go?

"Everyone was like, 'Oh, was that it?'' So it was a great process, and the information and the setup that we were given by 2degrees made us all feel quite comfortable at the change."


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