Fire & Safety Training

image 1Providing critical safety training services to some of the country’s largest companies, Fire and Safety Training needed a communications network it could rely on.

The company turned to 2degreesand since the switch, have never looked back.

With a 41-year background in the fire service, Managing Director Gordon Ireland set up Fire and Safety Training almost two decades ago and has grown the company into a significant and well respected player in the industry.

Based in Timaru, the company has a second campus in Napier and employs a team of nine safety specialists. It provides a range of industrial safety training courses including confined spaces, dangerous goods licensing, gas detection, fire extinguisher and warden training.

It also provides emergency response and 4WD training, in addition to offering a specialised abseiling service for jobs in difficult locations and a dive business that provides underwater vessel cleaning and recovery.

Gordon says the nature of their business means mobile is fundamental to everything they do.

“Our team is constantly out on the road with clients or training in remote locations, so it’s imperative we can stay in touch at all times - not only to access work information but also for our own safety. The 2degrees network gives us peace of mind that we are ‘always on’ and also ensures we can easily access everything we need, from dangerous goods information to safety data sheets, regardless of where we are,” he says.

“For time critical jobs, the team can also send photos back to the office from their mobiles in ‘real-time’ so we can quickly assess the situation and formulate a plan on how we carry out a job – something that is really important when we are dealing with situations that are particularly complex.”

Gordon says a key factor in switching to 2degrees was value for money.

Fire Safety Training“We were really surprised at how much we could save by switching to a 2degrees’ business plan. Our team tends to chew through the data as we are on the road a lot and we hotspot our phones to our laptops frequently so we can work from wherever we are. We like the fact that we have a large bucket of data to share between us now and we are also able to carryover any data we don’t use which is a real plus for us.”

With the team often required to work in the most remote areas of the country, Gordon says on-going communication back to the office is a crucial.

“Our team is often working in very isolated areas, and 2degrees has never let us down with our connectivity. We have found the network performance to be great, regardless of wherever we have been located, and this has also been backed up by great customer service from our local 2degrees business account manager,” he says.

“When we first joined 2degrees, we were really impressed with how simple the onboarding process was, everything ran very smoothly, and the follow-up service afterwards has also been outstanding. It has certainly made life easy for us and we have never looked back.”