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Holah Homes

Holah Homes is an award winning Construction Company, 100% family owned with its footings well and truly embedded in the Waikato soil.

Holah Homes was started by Clyde Holah in 1962, their company has become a trusted name in quality building and excellent service. Now in its third generation as a family business, it is run by Clyde's Grandsons Marty, Phil and Grant Holah.

Their business needs 

Having a reliable connection and coverage saves the company time, man power and ultimately money. It means staff don't need to be sent back and forth to relay updated information because it can all be done from the building site using technology, reliable coverage and connectivity. With building sites being the exposed places they are, having paper plans and spec sheets around is not ideal.

What benefits have they seen?

"Our builders on site are now using an interactive pdf. With that our builders can, with the push of a button, download plans and documentation.

Having that reliable 2degrees connectivity allows us to push that information in and out. If anything's updated (for example a client requests a variation to a plan), we can implement that here at the office and simply push it out to the guys on site. It's just push of a button. Gone. Done. Easy"

What they love about 2degrees?

Being based in Hamilton means that many of the company's construction takes place in more rural areas and lifestyle blocks. Its essential that the staff on building sites are contactable at all times and that they have constant access to the internet.

"That coverage, the reliability and the connection is pretty important and that's where 2degrees comes in. They just give us a nice secure package that we know works."

Their pride and commitment to use quality products is apparent in all facets of the company, from design and materials to workmanship and customer service. For them using anything less than the highest quality effects the reputation that the company has built over half a century. 2degrees is the telecommunications company that they trust to maintain this reputation.

"I'd recommend 2degrees to any company or person that's interested in having a reliable connection and likes working with like minded people who are passionate about what they do."


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