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The Body Shop

As one of the world's most recognised trail-blazers in ethical beauty, The Body Shop has been delighting customers with its expansive range of naturally-inspired beauty products for over 40 years.

Global ethical beauty brand's switch to 2degrees a force for 'good'

With more than 3,000 stores across 66 countries, 25 of them based in New Zealand, The Body Shop has a truly global reach. Recently, its New Zealand-based operations moved its mobile and broadband communications to 2degrees. The partnership has seen a natural synergy between the two organisations with both being forward-thinking businesses and also focused on being a force for good.

"Our business philosophy is built on never being afraid to stand out from the crowd or to stand up for what's right," says The Body Shop New Zealand's Operations Manager Rob Taylor.

"We love that 2degrees shares the same philosophy and champions its customers when it comes to 'fighting for fair'. Working with ethical and sustainable partners, like 2degrees, is really important to us. 2degrees ticked all those boxes and has also provided us with a great technical and commercial solution our New Zealand-based business just couldn't go past."

A fresh approach to mobile

Taylor says the company decided it needed a fresh approach to its communications late last year.

"When we looked out in the market, 2degrees stood out as a clear front-runner as it offered some pretty innovative solutions that could make our business more efficient," he says.

One such solution is 2degrees' 'Shared Data' which allows teams to share from one large pool of data – rather than having individual plans with usage limits.

"That was particularly appealing to us. We have around 25 support staff and 25 store managers who rely on their mobiles to help run our operations. Some use more data than others so it's been quite difficult until now to forecast costs given it varied so much," he says.

"Shared data has revolutionised the way we use mobile. It has also completely eliminated over-spend and created significant operational savings for our business."

Landline to mobile

Another key change Taylor says The Body Shop made when it switched to 2degrees was removing all its landlines.

"Like many businesses, we still had both mobiles and landlines operating at all of our sites. In this day and age, that's just unnecessary duplication and doesn't make sense anymore," he says.

"2degrees helped us get rid of our landlines and diverted those numbers to mobile which has really changed the game for us. We have unlimited free calling now on our mobiles and there are no call, divert or other hidden charges for the service," he says.

"That's a huge advantage for us as it means we can freely communicate to our customers the way they would like us to i.e. via text or mobile without having to worry about cost. All of our call charges have, effectively, been eliminated overnight which has saved us a significant amount of money."

Taylor says the organisation is now fully mobile.

"We now have mobiles for communication solely in all our stores which gives us a lot of flexibility and the added advantage of monthly fixed costs, which is the ultimate outcome for us."

Seamless switching

Moving to a new provider is something that's often considered a time consuming, problematic exercise - but Taylor says it was quite the opposite experience moving to 2degrees.

"Switching to 2degrees was actually a relatively simple, seamless process. One thing that helped a lot was that we have always only had one point of contact within 2degrees who just handles everything for us," he says.

"2degrees really worked hard to build a personal partnership with us right from the start and focused on keeping things simple. That's quite unique these days and has been really appreciated by our team."

Taylor says that approach has continued throughout.

"We've been really impressed with the level of care and attention 2degrees has given our account. They're highly responsive when we need them and, to this day, remain in regular contact with us to ensure we have everything we need. That's exactly the sort of forward thinking organisation we love to work with," he says.

"What's more, we love the fact that 2degrees continues to disrupt the market with its innovative solutions, which they then back up with superior personal service and value for money."

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