Waghorn Builders

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Their Business Needs

Luke and Jake Waghorn are the proud founders, owners and operators of Waghorn Builders. The brothers, identical twins, share a passion for building, a desire to make a positive contribution to their community and a vision to ensure the company that bears their name is a top rated Canterbury building company. Luke and Jake Waghorn not only share the same DNA, but also a well-earned reputation for superior workmanship, customer service and a ‘can-do’ attitude as Managing Director’s of Waghorn Builders in Christchurch. From humble beginnings, the identical twins launched their construction business in 2011 as fresh-faced 19-year-olds, specialising in commercial and residential building and renovations, and now employ over 50 staff.

“Growing a business and growing up at the same time comes with big responsibilities, but with hard work and determination we have managed to fill those shoes and grow with the company,” says Luke.


“We chose to partner with 2degrees as not only do they share similar beginnings and a passion for great customer service, but we also like the simplicity and flexibility their service provides.” For Waghorn Builders, mobility is key to their fast-paced business.

“2degrees set us up with a ‘Business Connect’ plan which has become integral to the way we run our business,” says Luke. “All of our team are on one plan and share a central pool of data, which is incredibly handy when they are on-site and need to download large plans quickly in order to make decisions.”

With many different work sites operational at any one time and a large team to manage, the boys rely on the 2degrees network to stay on top of their large operation.

What they love about 2degrees?

“We have found the 2degrees network to be very reliable. It allows us to run our business seamlessly as we can connect with the guys out in the field quickly and easily, meaning we can make decisions and problem-solve without delay.” says Jake.

The level of customer service and support Waghorn Builders have received from 2degrees is also good for business.

“2degrees is big on customer service which, for us, is one thing that makes a real difference. Having a service provider alongside you that you know has got your back is reassuring,” he says.

“Our partnership with 2degrees is also good for our business because it is super flexible and will grow with us, as we do, in the future.”