Find out about High Definition Mobile Calling (aka HD Calling or VoLTE)

What is HD Mobile Calling?

HD Mobile Calling is calling and texting over a 4G or 5G mobile network. It’s when your voice call uses mobile data like VoIP on the internet – think Skype or WhatsApp calls.

While 4G is nothing new, it has mostly been used for data – downloading, streaming and web browsing – while voice calls have been transmitted through the 2G and 3G networks.

HD Mobile Calling allows us to bring you improved coverage, clarity and connectivity for your voice calls using the 4G network. These calls connect quicker, and you’ll enjoy a superior call quality. 

What do I need to use HD Mobile Calling?

HD Mobile Calling is not yet available everywhere or on every handset. To connect with HD Mobile Calling you’ll need to have:

Why does my phone say VoLTE rather than HD Calling?

VoLTE is a technical term that you'll see on your phone's dashboard when you’ve got a HD Mobile Calling-capable phone and you’re connected to a 4G tower that’s HD Calling-enabled. VoLTE stands for Voice over LTE, and 4G is sometimes referred to as LTE. Mystery solved. 

Which phones have HD Mobile Calling enabled?

Head over to our page that lists all the devices capable of HD Mobile Calling. We’ll keep expanding the list when new devices come on market.

With HD Mobile Calling functionality from 2degrees

  • It will be switched off by default, so just switch it on in Settings > Mobile > Mobile Data Options > Voice and Data > Toggle to: 4G, VoLTE On.

If you’ve got a phone in the list that wasn’t purchased from 2degrees, it’s difficult to say whether it’ll work with 2degrees HD Mobile Calling. Perhaps give it a go. If it works, then you’ll hear the difference of High Definition voice calls.

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