Group Text to boost customer engagement

New research by 2degrees has revealed that 53 per cent of leaders who said their business was ‘just getting by’ considered customer engagement as something that could hinder them from getting back on track.

What’s more, the research from the Shaping Business Study, which surveyed 1000 + business decision makers across New Zealand, showed the work-from-home trend isn’t going anywhere, with 35 per cent of businesses considering themselves in a ‘reviving’ phase identifying flexibility to work from home as important to getting back on track.

The research comes as a reminder of the importance of having a range of different ways to engage with customers and employees, and to assist, 2degrees has launched a new business product, Group Text, which makes engagement simple and easy.

Group Text is a holistic SMS solution allowing businesses to engage with staff and offer customer support easily and at scale. The SMS platform is powered by Bulletin, which delivers text messaging services across New Zealand’s business sector.

2degrees General Manager Business Product and Marketing Richard Hann says launching Group Text before Christmas was a deliberate decision, to give businesses who had have a tough run this year another way to engage, share updates and hopefully get back to business.

“Our Shaping Business Study insights showed the timing for our Group Text product is just right. Businesses need to be adaptable in the way they engage with their customers and their teams, and this solution offers both. This is a great time for businesses to be getting back on track, and we see the Group Text product as something we can do to help,” says Richard.

Bulletin Managing Director Bruce Herbert said: “With more than 20 years of expertise and extensive knowledge of carrier services, Bulletin is able to deliver the ubiquitous features of SMS to 2degrees for their new Group Text product. Users will be able to seamlessly send and receive two-way text messages with clients and any size contact group. We’ve had a long relationship with 2degrees, and it’s exciting to partner on this cutting-edge business solution, which we know will further enhance their portfolio of business communication services in New Zealand.”

Group Text can send appointment reminders, status updates and follow-ups, which can reduce no-shows. The solution can help communicate office announcements or roster changes in an efficient and timely manner, particularly useful with the increase in work from home arrangements.

“Our team are ready to help businesses get this solution before Christmas to help with customer or team engagement. I encourage any business to give us a call or any 2degrees customer can talk to their dedicated business representative so we can support them to get their engagement back up and running,” says Richard.

The service offers flexibility, personalisation and rich reporting and the backbone of the platform is powered by a global business messaging provider with over 65,000 customers worldwide.

Visit the 2degrees website for more on Group Text.

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