International Roaming

It's easy to use your 2degrees mobile when you're overseas. Grab one of our great roaming packs and roam like a pro in loads of destinations. No need to swap SIM cards, no need to fuss! Just select your destination, grab a pack, then go! Before you leave, be sure to read the roaming tips we’ve put together for ways to keep your talk, text and data on track while you’re overseas.

If you're a business customer, please refer to our Business Roaming Services


Call charges are per minute (part minutes are rounded up to the nearest minute). Text charges are per text. Data charges are rounded to the nearest 5.12KB. Minimum charges for data usage sessions of up to 102.4KB apply.  If the country you're looking for is not listed, you may not be able to use your 2degrees mobile there at this time. The list may change often, so check back each time you travel.

NB: To avoid ‘bill shock’ in certain destinations, we have reduced the maximum data speed to 300kb per second. This is indicated in the roaming rates for the applicable destinations.

Fuss-Free Roaming Tips

Before you go

  • Check if the country you’re travelling to is included in one of our Roaming Packs.
  • If not, check to see which casual rates apply.
  • Register for Your 2degrees and download the 2degrees App.
  • Set a Spend Control limit to keep tabs on your spend while you’re away
  • If you plan on checking Voicemail overseas, make sure you set up your Voicemail pin before leaving NZ. You’ll need to dial *004*+64222022000**30# to set up call forwarding, then all your unanswered calls will go to voicemail. You’ll also need to turn your voicemail service on when you reach your destination.

While you’re away

  • You don’t need to do anything special to stay connected abroad, just turn on your phone when you hop off the plane.
  • It's a good idea to turn off mobile data on your phone when you arrive to avoid any unwanted data charges.
  • Connect to local wifi to use the internet.
  • Keep track of your account at Your 2degrees or via our mobile app.
  • If you need to add more packs while you’re away you can add as many as you need via Your 2degrees, the app, or you can text the relevant pack code to ‘233’.

When you get back

  • You don’t need to do anything when you get back, we’ll automatically switch you back to your standard 2degrees plan
  • You can view your account and any usage in Your 2degrees or the mobile app.
  • Roaming charges may not show up on your account straight away, so it’s best you take steps to manage your usage before you go.

It's easy for Prepay customers to top up from overseas

Before you go overseas it’s a good idea to top up with plenty of credit to see you through your trip.

If you need to top up abroad, you can either top up online with your credit card through Your 2degrees, or call +64 22 200 2000 to do it over the phone. Roaming calls to this number will be charged as per the rates shown in the table for your destination.

Managing your Data Overseas

For an idea about how much data you might use while using your device overseas check out our Manage Your Data Usage page.

If you’re on a pay monthly mobile plan any charges you incur while roaming may be billed several months in arrears. So it’s important to manage your account before you go by setting up a Spend Control Limit to manage your bill.


If you’re experiencing issues connecting to a roaming network, make sure your phone’s Network search mode is on ‘Auto’ which is found under ‘Settings’ and then ‘Network’ on your phone (or ‘Carrier’ on iPhones). If this doesn’t fix the issue, then remove your phone battery (iPhone users power off) for 1 minute if you still can’t connect.

When you roam overseas, you use networks that aren’t controlled by 2degrees. While we expect those networks to provide a quality service, we can’t be responsible if there are performance or other issues.

Included plan minutes

Unfortunately, you can't use the following while overseas:

• Prepay Standard Top Up rewards.

• Add-ons.

• Pay Monthly included minutes, data or texts.

Calling Customer Care or your voicemail whilst overseas is charged on a per-minute basis like any other international call.

Travelling to the USA or Canada?

If you're heading to North America, you need to make sure the mobile you take is 3G or 4G capable and supports the American or Canadian network frequencies. North American mobile networks run on 850MHz and 1900MHz, so check your phone will run on one of these before you hop on the plane.

Aussie Data Roaming Packs

If you want even better value mobile data while you’re in Australia, buy one of our sweet-as Aussie Roaming Packs. Pick a pack tailored to your trip – from just three days to a whole month – you can buy as many as you need while you’re away. Roaming is not available in Australian External Territories (including Norfolk Island).

Other Standard data roaming rates

Our standard rate for mobile data roaming is 10c per MB for Pay Monthly customers when travelling to China (excludes Hong Kong), Cook Islands, Fiji, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, Tonga, USAVanuatu and Australia and 50c for Prepay customers.

Call home from Australia for just 44c a minute!

If you're a Prepay customer travelling in Australia and want to call home or another Australian number from your 2degrees mobile, it only costs 44c a minute*.

*Excludes calls to premium and satellite numbers or to Australian External Territories (including Norfolk Island).

In-flight and Cruise Ship Roaming

It’s easy to use your 2degrees mobile while flying or cruising, whether you’re on Prepay or Pay Monthly. 

Calling $4.39 per minute
Receiving calls $1.00 per minute
Sending texts $0.79 per text
Data Data roaming is not available

Cruising Please note that cruise ship roaming is restricted to certain routes, so check with your cruise liner if roaming is available on your vessel. Click here for participating cruise ships. Click here to see more participating cruise ships.

In-flight In-flight roaming is restricted to certain flights so check with your airline whether your flight is set up for In-flight roaming. Please click here for participating airlines.

In-flight Roaming will only work on selected aircraft that have In-flight Roaming equipment installed. Check with your airline for routes, destinations and the availability of In-flight Roaming. The use of In-flight Roaming may be restricted by the airline to reduce cabin noise. All calls will be charged on a per minute basis and will be rounded up to the next whole minute. In-Flight Roaming services are provided via satellite so you may notice speech delays of up to 3 seconds. 

Cruise ship roaming will only work on selected vessels that have roaming equipment installed. Check with your cruise liner for routes, destinations and the availability of cruise ship roaming. All calls will be charged on a per minute basis and will be rounded up to the next whole minute. 

Cruise ship and In-flight roaming rates exclude calling and texting premium rate and satellite phone numbers. 

Voicemail for International Roaming

How do I switch on my voicemail service while roaming overseas?

By default, voicemail is switched off when you roam. This is because it costs you to receive calls, including calls that go to voicemail. However, you can turn your voicemail on when you reach your destination if you'd like to use voicemail overseas. All you have to do is set up a conditional call forward.

To do this, dial *004*+64222022000**30#. Now all calls that you are not able to answer will be diverted to voicemail.

Unfortunately, we can't guarantee this service working on all overseas carriers due to routing restrictions and you will be charged extra when using conditional call forwarding to voicemail while overseas (details below).

To cancel call forwarding simply dial ##004#. Your message service will then operate as normal when you arrive back in New Zealand without any charges.

How much does it cost to receive voicemail messages while I'm overseas?

It's important to understand that there will be additional charges when using conditional call forwarding to voicemail while overseas. This will include a charge for receiving a call and also for making a call back to voicemail.


If you were roaming in the UK and you were unable to answer a call and it went to voicemail, you'll be charged the standard rate of 44c/min to receive the call and another 44c/min for the cost of calling your NZ voicemail while roaming in the UK. The total you'll therefore be charged for a caller going in to your voicemail, even if they don't leave a message, will be 88c/min. Charges will vary depending on where you are roaming.

If your phone is turned off calls will automatically divert to your voicemail. You can listen to voicemail messages by dialing +64 22 202 2001 but remember International Roaming charges apply for the call back to NZ.

You'll need a voicemail PIN, so make sure you've set it to something you remember before you leave NZ.

Diverting all Calls

If you would prefer you can divert all calls to voicemail to avoid any extra charges while roaming. To do this use the 'Divert All' menu item on your mobile, and divert calls to +64 22 202 2000. Then all calls will be automatically sent to voicemail.