200MB Data SIM Terms and Conditions

Last updated: 26 January 2022

  1. These terms and conditions apply in addition to the Pay Monthly Terms and Conditions and the Prepay Terms and Conditions, and any other specific terms and conditions applicable to a 2degrees service you are using.
  2. To be eligible for this offer you must prior to 3 August 2014 be a 2degrees customer that is the account owner of a 2degrees Pay Monthly Account connected to a Plan or the account owner of a Group Account that may be connected to multiple Plans (Eligible Customer). For the avoidance of doubt this offer does not apply to any 2degrees Business Customer.
  3. An Eligible Customer may, prior to 3 August 2014, redeem a 2degrees Prepay data SIM (Data SIM) from any 2degrees Store on which the Eligible Customer will receive 200MB of NZ data each month provided that conditions of clause 8 have been met.  
  4. The Data SIM cannot be redeemed from the 2degrees Online Shop or any 2degrees dealer.
  5. There can only be one (1) Data SIM per Eligible Customer.
  6. The first allocation of the 200MB on your Data SIM will be within 48 hours of activation of the Data SIM, and thereafter on the 1st day of each month.
  7. The 200MB of monthly data is NZ data usage only and cannot be used when roaming overseas. Data expires one (1) month from allocation. Data does not carry over to the following month.
  8. If you have successfully redeemed your Data SIM, you  get to keep the 200MB monthly allocation of NZ data on the Data SIM provided that:
    1. you have an active 2degrees Pay Monthly Account (or Group Account); and
    2. your Data SIM remains active on the 2degrees Network; and
    3. you do not change the mobile phone number assigned to your Data SIM. If decide to change the mobile phone number assigned to your Data SIM then you must first contact 2degrees Customer Care.

If the conditions of this clause 8 have not been met, then 2degrees reserves the right to terminate your monthly 200MB benefit and your Data SIM.

  1. For the purpose of these terms and conditions you will no longer have an active Pay Monthly Account (or Group Account) if:
    1. you transfer to a Prepay Account or a Business Account; or
    2. you end your agreement with us; or
    3. we terminate your Pay Monthly Account in accordance with our agreement with you.
  1. Subject to any Value Pack terms and conditions, data benefits on your Data SIM that are due to expire first will be used first.
  2. Data usage per session is rounded up to the nearest 5.12KB increment. Minimum data usage per session of 20.48KB applies.
  3. If you consume all the NZ data on your Prepay SIM at any given time, you will be charged our standard Prepay data rates for further usage. Please check the Prepay Plus Rates Terms and Conditions for more information.
  4. The 200MB of NZ Data cannot be redeemed for cash, phone equipment or any other benefit, applied to pay early termination charges or other Charges, and cannot be transferred or assigned.
  5. We reserve the right to extend, change or terminate these terms and conditions and/or this offer at any time.