A fairer future has begun for the $222,000 bonus babies!

Two sets of twins among recipients of 2degrees’ Fairer Future bonus

For 143 Kiwi babies born on 1 June 2022, their first day ever came with extra cause to celebrate, thanks to a cash bonus from 2degrees.

To mark 2degrees joining forces with Vocus New Zealand in June, the telco announced all babies born on that date were eligible to receive a cash bonus from a $222,000 pool.

Across the motu, 143 of our newest New Zealanders have now received $1,552.45 each to set them up for a fairer future.

Mark Callander, Chief Executive at 2degrees says, “1 June was a huge day for 2degrees, representing the next generation in our evolution, and what better way to share the excitement than to support the next generation of Kiwis. Our mission has always been to create a fairer future for all New Zealanders, and this was one way we could do that.

It’s awesome to hear that some of these bonuses will be going towards investments for a baby’s future, while others will be going towards purchasing a family vehicle, reuniting with family from overseas and those practical things, like new car seats. We’re stoked to have supported two sets of twins – two is our lucky number!” adds Mark.

New parents to twins based in Blenheim, Aaron and Kelly, say the bonus was a lovely way to help celebrate babies Paige and Tyler coming into the world, especially as their arrival came with some challenges.

“Our beautiful Paige and Tyler were born 11 weeks premature so we spent the first couple of months in hospital. We found out about the 2degrees baby bonus initiative because all our friends messaged us telling us about it and that we had to register. We’re going to put the money away for the kids for a rainy day,” they say.

The big day was also surprising for another reason. 1 June is one of the least common New Zealand birthdays, falling at 355th on the list, just ahead of Christmas and New Year’s Day. With an average 162 babies born each day in Aotearoa, 143 new babies is an exceptionally high number for such an unusual birthdate. It may be worth noting that nine months previously, New Zealand’s largest city was in the midst of a very long lockdown.

For more information, go to 2degrees.nz/fairerfuture.

Fast facts:

  • Of the 143 born on 1 June 2022, there were 75 boys and 68 girls
  • Quinn, Amelia, Hugo and Willow were among the most common names
  • Auckland, Canterbury and Wellington had the highest number of births
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