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It’s not just one thing we do that sets us apart. We combine a custom-built digital service portal with APIs, to place our nationwide mobile and fixed networks in your hands.

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Reach beyond borders

Not only can we connect your business New Zealand-wide, through our partnership with Vocus Australia our reach extends across the Tasman into hundreds of data centres, to the US and the world via our points of presence in major global gateways.

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Flexibility when you need it

We own our network, but you control it. With online access to ordering and provisioning of carrier-grade products and direct access to our skilled staff, we work as an extension of your business whenever you need us.

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24/7 Local Support

Local account management and provisioning teams, backed by a 24/7 New Zealand-based Network Operations Centre.

Partner Broadband

2degrees offers broadband connectivity and service automation solutions to provide your customers with nationwide UFB and DSL broadband services. We'll work with you to develop the solution that works best for your customers. Plus, we'll provide your team with support for technical and provisioning challenges.



Gain access to our high-performing broadband network, including our extensive regional CDNs, transit and peering.

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We equip you with the necessary tools to oversee your broadband services and tailor unique experiences for your customers.

Partner Broadband
Broadband Connect

Broadband Connect is a Layer 2 delivery of UFB and DSL access services aggregated to an interconnect point convenient to you. Broadband Connect currently includes UFB Bitstream 2 and Bitstream 3 access options, along with ADSL and VDSL.

Virtual ISP (vISP)

vISP is a Layer 3 broadband service. 2degrees has created market competitive data and voice plans that suit the needs of today's discerning broadband users. 2degrees takes the responsibility of delivering end-to-end network capability, service provisioning and support.

Dedicated portal and APIs for an automated ordering process

Flex - our custom-built B2B portal - provides API’s to enable automated broadband ordering service qualification, in-life support and reduced manual operational overheads.

Full range of access technologies

We offer a range of access technologies via our nationwide footprint on the Ultra Fast Broadband (UFB) network across all Local Fibre Companies and Chorus' DSL network.

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Partner Internet

Partner Internet

Create connected experiences with our fast, reliable and high-performing network solutions for your customers. Leverage our extensively connected domestic and international internet network to give a complete, reliable and fit-for-purpose connection for your customers.

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Highly connected

We utilise our numerous peering locations across Australasia and multiple upstream providers to deliver high-performing internet services.

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Proven quality

We maintain a vast network of CDNs and engage in peering with content providers to ensure the highest quality internet experience for our users.

Internet Express

Internet Express (IE) provides a fast, reliable, and uncapped Direct Internet Access (DIA) for applications demanding high responsiveness, highly available bandwidth, and permanently allocated addressing. With up to 10Gbps upload and download speeds, your customers can run all their critical applications with minimal delay of twenty-four hours.

IP Transit

Carrier-grade access, designed to connect ISPs, content providers, media networks, and large enterprises with their own ASN to the global Internet through our network. We manage our global IP Transit network from end to end, without anyone getting in our way.

DDoS Protect

With 2degrees DDoS protection you can rest assured that you are covered against malicious cyber threats. Our ongoing investment in detection and protection ensures your network is always up and running, even when under attack.

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Partner Networks

Partner Networks comprises over 4,000km of our own Fibre, 1,800 cellular base stations, 150 Points of Presence (PoPs), and major data-centre facilities. Our Solution team will collaborate with your team to create a robust infrastructure solution to reinforce your existing network investments or form a complete foundation layer that will look and feel like your own network without the need for massive up-front capital investment.

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Tier 1 Carrier

Carriers with Tier-1 networks can reach every other network on the internet via settlement-free peering.

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4,000 kms of Fibre

Owning our Fibre network end-to-end provides you with greater control and support of services.

Partner Networks

Create fast, highly transparent layer 2 point-to-point and point-to-multipoint Ethernet services that adhere to international network standards.


Take advantage of 2degrees Wavelength's significant capability across our nationwide network.


Whether you have offices in the same city, on the other side of the country, or across Asia-Pacific, 2degrees IP WAN keeps you securely connected.


2degrees will get you where you need to be with extensive connectivity through UFB Fibre, all minor Fibre providers, our own microwave network, our mobile network, and our resell agreements with LEO satellite operators.

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Partner Voice

Partner Voice

Get your customers talking with Partner Voice products delivered over our high-performing network. Our range of highly resilient and competitive services are available to local and international markets.

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High capacity

Our voice network handled over 300 million calls and 1 billion minutes last year.

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Our infrastructure features geographic redundancy, and we offer access diversity through IP over our Fibre network to yours.

Carrier Interconnect

The choice for carriers wishing to perform a bi-lateral interconnect with the Voice Network using our preferred SIP Standard.

International Customers

If you don't have a New Zealand point of presence, we can connect to you using public IP and can provide all voice services, plus specialised call termination for international customers.

Inbound Service

Gain access to our high-performing broadband network, including our extensive regional CDNs, transit and peering.

Ultra Fast Broadband

We offer a range of access technologies via our nationwide footprint on the Ultra Fast Broadband (UFB) network across all Local Fibre Companies and Chorus' DSL network.

Number Portability

Easily migrate your clients' numbers from your competitors' infrastructure to your own. Calls to ported numbers are delivered to your existing point of interconnect. In addition to geographic DDI numbers, we can port in toll-free and local rate numbers.

SIP Trunks

With more than 1 billion minutes of voice calls handled across our network last year, we have the capability and scale to deliver high-quality connections for resale, coupled with value-added services including number ranges, porting, and inbound numbers.

Carrier Voice Connect

Whether you’re looking for local call termination or global hand-offs, we have the reach to support you. We interconnect through all Australian and New Zealand carriers, along with dozens of international interconnection partners.

Number Allocation

We can provide individual or number ranges from most local areas across New Zealand. Calls to these numbers are delivered to your existing point of interconnect, whether it's local to the zone of origin or backhauled to your point of interconnect in remote zones.

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Partner Mobile

We specialise in providing comprehensive Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) solutions that empower businesses to launch and manage a mobile brand with ease. As a leading provider, we understand the dynamics of the telecommunications industry and offer customised services that fit your unique needs.


Experience and expertise

With years of industry experience, we have the expertise to guide you through every step of establishing and operating your MVNO.

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Innovative technology

Stay ahead of the competition with access to the latest technology and developments in mobile telecommunications.

Partner Mobile
Network Infrastructure

Leverage our robust network infrastructure that ensures nationwide coverage and high-speed connectivity. Your customers will have the same access to the network services and coverage as 2degrees customers, including 5G, voice over Wifi, eSIM and international roaming.

Operational Support

Ease your entry into the mobile market with our full suite of industry leading operational support systems accessible via API and our Flex portal. From charging systems and user management to customer service and technical support, we handle the complexities so you can focus on growing your business.

Brand Customisation

Your brand, your way. We offer complete flexibility in brand customisation, allowing you to market your services under your own brand identity. This includes everything from SIM card branding to customised network ID and network messages.

Industry Compliance

Navigating the telco industry landscape can be challenging. Our team of experts ensures that your business complies with all necessary telecommunications regulations and standards, giving you peace of mind and the freedom to focus on your customers.


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