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Cloud Connect

The cloud is ever-present and always on – make sure your business is too.

Business Services - Cloud Connect

Cloud Connect is a dedicated multi-cloud connectivity solution offering secure connection and data transfer between your company’s private network and cloud service providers. 

Cloud Connect acts as a node providing direct connections between your network architecture and global cloud service providers including AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and many more. 

How Cloud Connect will benefit your business

With Cloud Connect you’ll see drastically reduced operational and maintenance costs, and your end-users will enjoy a richer, faster experience which will lead to boosted productivity. 

When you implement the Cloud Connect, you can:

  • rely on critical data moving via authorised connections between your data centre and cloud
  • enable off-network users and remote sites to securely connect direct-to-cloud
  • streamline operations and deploy applications without altering the application source code or disrupting your business workflow and customer experience
  • accelerate company-wide adoption of productivity-enhancing SaaS/cloud apps
  • count on consistent network connectivity and predictably low latency
  • scale your bandwidth subscription to meet changing requirements
  • manage risk with centralised operations and increased visibility.


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