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SIP trunking

Integrate voice and data connections into one network with our SIP Trunking services for business.

Business Services - SIP Trunking

2degrees SIP Trunking unifies your voice, data and internet services. It’s an ideal converged solution for a single location business (with 10 or more phone lines) right up to large enterprises with a national or international footprint.

SIP achieves greater economies of scale and simplifies the management of your communications infrastructure.

Benefits of SIP Trunking

  • Reduces costs and improves agility
  • Allows for business continuity and disaster recovery
  • Less maintenance with no hardware or wiring
  • Scalability: not bound to a physical location
  • Integration to both on-premise PBXs and collaboration platforms such as Microsoft Teams.

Migrating your current business phone system to SIP Trunking

If you have a traditional phone system (that isn't already VoIP-capable), we can help your business migrate from ISDN to SIP quickly and seamlessly.

If your business already uses VoIP to connect your phones to a LAN, you’re a step closer to enjoying the benefits of SIP Trunking.

SIP Trunking reduces costs & improves agility

Simplifying the management of your communications infrastructure reduces maintenance costs and makes adding lines or modifying service quick and simple.

Smaller New Zealand businesses in a single location with 5 or more phone lines can reduce costs by combining voice and internet connections.

Larger businesses with multiple locations and phone connections can centralise telephone systems into one or two SIP Trunking locations – enabling greater economies of scale. 

Your business can adapt to seasonal demand or growth by easily adjusting bandwidth to meet the needs of your customers and workforce.

Business continuity and disaster recovery

When the Kiwi dip hits the fan and system failures or national emergencies disrupt BAU, your phone services can be rerouted to a data line or redirected to mobile phones via the PBX to keep your business up and running.



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