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Join thousands of Kiwis who, like you, reckon there’s a fairer way to sort out their mobile, broadband, and business needs. All driven by a network in which we've spent over one billion dollars.
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Small to Medium

Sole-traders, start-ups and lean teams

Full service

We offer mobile, broadband and network services dedicated to your industry.

Kiwi customer care

If something goes wrong you’re on the phone to a fellow Kiwi in no time.
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Large scale business with bespoke needs

Drive competitiveness

Create an edge over your competitors by migrating to cloud services.

Increase productivity

WAN services produce faster connections for increased business agility.
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Public Sector

Government associated business

Mitigate costs

Customisable service offering on-site testing and optimisation for complex communication networks.

Project management

Tailored service can be scaled to a specific project. Managers work remotely or as fully integrated team members.
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