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The University of Waikato

"We saved at least 48% in mobile costs, and gained more flexibility in mobile usage."
- Kevin Adamson, Head of ITS, The University of Waikato, The University of Waikato

Why are mobiles important to The University of Waikato?

"Many of our staff are on call or work off campus. Mobility and support for mobility is an integral part of a modern education institution and a fundamental part of delivering education."

What were things like before you joined 2degrees?

"Prior to moving to 2degrees, the university telecommunication systems were constrained by expensive and inflexible pricing plans. Options for students were limited."

What made you consider 2degrees Business?

"The university had been actively reviewing opportunities to lower our cost structures and improve mobile services for our staff and students. The All of-Government mobile contract provided the ideal opportunity to benchmark mobile services. As part of this, we undertook extensive due diligence to understand 2degrees' service capabilities, mobile coverage in both New Zealand and internationally, as well as their capability to support corporate billing to departments."

What was the key reason you decided to move to 2degrees?

"2degrees is a young and innovative mobile company, with a culture not dissimilar to the university. They were receptive to our requirements and prepared to think outside the square. 2degrees were able to provide us with details on their infrastructure build and international mobile agreements in order to accommodate our requirements."

How did the switch go?

"The university transitioned staff in batches to minimise penalty payments on existing plans. The shift to 2degrees went very smoothly and they managed it efficiently."

Tell us about what plans you've got with 2degrees?

"Through 2degrees, both staff and students have access to mobile technology at competitive pricing. Staff moved onto flexible plans that are tailored to their usage demands. What's very useful is that each user can share datawith five other devices or persons. In addition, our students and alumni, friends and family also have access to competitive plans through the university's relationship with 2degrees."

What is the major impact 2degrees has made on your business?

"We've had a significant reduction of more than 48% in mobile costs. That's a saving of about $200,000 per year. On top of that, we have increased flexibility in usage, with unused minutes and data rolling over each month. The mobile plans offer enough texts, voice minutes and data for work as well as private use. Apart from the direct business benefits, the University of Waikato and 2degrees have also forged a value-add partnership agreement that benefits us both."

Tell us more about this partnership?

"The partnership is quite encompassing. It includes a focus on ICT service, student scholarships, joint research, internships and graduate employment opportunities. Three high-profile 2degrees scholarships have been offered to students at the University of Waikato this year. 2degrees also supports a number of other scholarships."

How have you found the service from 2degrees?

"2degrees is very reliable. Coverage has been excellent, even though some of our researchers work in remote areas. 2degrees is very customer focused. Their customer service is efficient, timely and responsive."


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