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Wellington Boys' and Girls' Institute

Developing positive, productive young people and providing support to their families is the Wellington Boys' and Girls' Institute's (BGI's) core mission, and keeping them connected to achieve this are the 2degrees' mobile and broadband networks.

BGI Director of Youth and Community Projects, Ross Davis says the not-for-profit organisation has a very long and proud tradition of helping young people build strong, core life skills and communication is fundamental to achieving that.

"We collaborate with youth and their families so they achieve their dreams and improve their wellbeing. Communication is at the heart of everything we do and 2degrees help us by providing the tools we need to stay connected to our young people and families as we walk alongside them on their journey."

Tell us about what plans you've got with 2degrees?

With a team of 16 full time and part-time staff, BGI uses a combination of 2degrees mobile and broadband to provide that vital support.

Davis says BGI initially switched to 2degrees for the savings they could make but says the benefits of the partnership has evolved into much more.

Tell us more about this partnership?

"We initially moved our mobiles to 2degrees and found that we saved over $1,000 per year which is really significant for a community organisation like ours as it means we can spend that on making more of a difference to our families. Every dollar counts when it comes to our operations so we are very mindful of getting the best value services we can for our money. 2degrees fits that bill and we have never looked back since we switched providers," he says.

Davis says 2degrees provides the backbone for all of its communications.

"We're working with youth and their families everyday – both in the office and out in the field – so communication is fundamental to the success of our organisation. Our team use 2degrees broadband for their day-to-day activities while in the office and they also use 2degrees mobile when they are out in the field providing support to families."

How have you found the service from 2degrees?

"In our view there's really no negatives – just a heap of positives. What we also really love about 2degrees is that you're not just a number, they actually work alongside you to help provide the best deals and service that they possibly can for you. That personal service, regardless of the size or nature of your organisation, makes all the difference."

Davis says they have also found 2degrees' coverage to be very reliable.

"2degrees' coverage is great. In fact, we've found that we actually have better coverage than some of our volunteers who are on other networks when we are away on camps or out and about in the field."

Davis says it's also about 'Mana' for the organisation which has strong links to its Māori heritage.

"We like the fact that 2degrees has strong New Zealand origins, is part owned by Māori companies and they have completely changed the telco market by providing choice and competition. It's clear they lead the market in many areas with their products and service and we're proud to be a customer - 2degrees is a good company, it offers great deals and excellent customer support."


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