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Outpost Central

"Whether we're measuring the water flow into a dam through to consumption on a far-flung country station, or a home in Auckland, the Outpost team is reliant on always-on network connectivity from 2degrees."
- James Riddell, CEO, Outpost Central

About them

Outpost Central are a technology company specialising in monitoring and managing water. While New Zealand is generally awash with the stuff, it's certainly not the case in Outpost's other rapidly expanding markets – Australia and the USA.

Their business needs

"At the heart of our business is a desire to conserve water – which probably sounds strange for a technology company," says James Riddell, CEO of Outpost Central, "but one of our key businesses is installing and managing robust and effective remote monitoring systems in some pretty difficult places."

"Whether we're measuring the water flow into a dam through to consumption on a far-flung country station, or a home in Auckland, the Outpost team is reliant on always-on network connectivity from 2degrees, which works in tandem with our self-developed cloud-based platforms and devices."


Outpost stands out from competitors in water and energy management services for a number of reasons – one of which is their readiness and ability to support their own clients with leading edge solutions. They see the same willingness and flexibility in the 2degrees M2M team.

"The work we do enables clients to make critical decisions about their CAPEX; where, when and how to manage supply; where they need to address leaks or where they may have other issues which can affect the health and well-being of livestock, people and business."

What benefits have they seen?

"2degrees works the same way with us. They share insights and updates on where telecommunications developments are heading, which means that not only are we on track with our development programmes, but that we can ensure that we stay ahead of the pack in a fast-changing category - it's a great partnership."

Outpost has a different business model to others in similar industries. Where other operators may use radio solutions on site, Outpost relies on mobile networks, believing that not only are they more robust, they're more reliable and able to shift data more efficiently and cost effectively. They are now rolling the same approach out across other markets.

"90% of our business is offshore – but we're able to use the developments and learnings that we accrue down here in NZ to test and debug our system design and products before we feed them into what are definitely more challenging and complex markets.

What they love about 2degrees?

James is adamant that it's the way that 2degrees works with Outpost which makes a real difference. "We need people who 'get' us, and what we want to do, almost before we know it ourselves. We also appreciate flexibility around pricing, service levels and network solutions. Our product is bespoke – so it makes sense that we work with 2degrees who are prepared to develop unique solutions for us. What's more, they are good people."


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