Group plans

Bundle up your buddies and save by adding up to 5 people to your plan from $30/month per person. Choose between Endless data plans plus grab a special deal if you’re a Kiwi good sort. If you prefer to go it alone, check out our individual plans.

Groups are easy in our app
Already have a Pay Monthly plan with us? Our app is the easiest way to set up and manage a Group plan.

*Fair use policy applies
^Data Hour/Data Clock: Allocated plan data at max speeds then reduced max speeds of 1.2mbps. Data Hour/Data Clock max speeds everyday for 100GB/m then reduced max speeds of 1.2mbps. At reduced speeds your experience will be impacted. Hotspotting speeds may be reduced further during periods of network congestion. Register on the Data Clock app for your free hour of data per day. See for details on registering for the Data Clock app.
Carryover Data: Can be carried over for up to 12 months. Monthly Plan data used first then Carryover Data. T&Cs apply.

How you save with Group Plans

group plans savings - individuals

4 people getting 16GB on individual plans


group plans savings - group

4 people getting 16GB each on a Group Plan


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What you’ll love

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Uncapped Carryover

Keep all of your unused data for 12 months.

Unlimited* Data

Never worry about running out of internet juice.

Free Data Hour

1 hour of unlimited data to use every day on top of your Carryover plan data.

Open Term

Change plans whenever it suits you.

Hotspotting included

Turn your phone into a Wifi modem for free with no limits.

Contact us

Need help? Grab a hand from one of our Customer Care Specialists.

Shared Data

Share data for free to other 2degrees mobiles on Carryover plans.

5G ready

Harness the power at no extra cost.

Individual plans

Pay Monthly

Huge data, more minutes, and unlimited texts without niggly long-term contracts.
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