Use data your way

Stream, search and record without chewing through your mobile plan. You can now buy data in 15 minute to 24 hour bursts using the Data Clock app. You'll also get 1 hour free data everyday on selected Prepay and Pay Monthly plans.

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Use data your way

Our Data Clock app lets you buy unlimited* mobile data in affordable bursts, giving you the freedom to use data whenever you need without chewing through your mobile plan data. Buy as little as 15 minutes for 40c to sort a ride home, or as much as 12 hours for $4 to binge watch your favourite show.

* Data Clock max speeds reduced to 1Mbps after 40GB/month & hotspotting speeds may be reduced further during periods of network congestion. T&Cs apply.

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Discover discounts on mobile and broadband plans.
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Kiwi Heroes

Discount plans for teachers, nurses, first responders and the defence force.
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Student Perks

Find out how to get 0.5GB of free data with Prepay and Pay Monthly plans.
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