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Business Roaming

Use your NZ business plan at no extra cost in Aussie^ and for just $8/day in over 100 destinations worldwide. There’s also Roaming Data Add-ons for when business takes you further away than usual. We also offer Roaming if you aren't on Business. And it just works - activating when you hop off the plane. T&Cs apply.

To find out which roaming networks provide our roaming services overseas, click here.


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Aussie Roaming on us

Business roaming in Australia comes at no extra cost^ allowing you to use your NZ plan’s data, minutes, and texts like you do at home.

It just works

You don’t need to switch anything on or tinker with settings. Get off the plane and get on with business.

2degrees app

Check your balance and stay on top of your usage with the 2degrees app.

**Add-ons, International Chat Pack, special rates, promotions and deals are not included and may incur additional charges.
Excludes calls or texts to satellite or premium rate numbers (Australian external territories such as Norfolk Island are also excluded). International calling and text rates apply for non-local Aussie/NZ use.
If you run out of your NZ business plan allocations while in Aussie, you can buy a NZ Add-on. For example, if you’re running low on data while roaming, you could buy a 1GB NZ Data Pack to top up and continue roaming.
^$0 Daily Business Roaming is for kiwi based businesses which have staff who frequently travel to Australia for business. There are no limits on the number of business trips you may make to Australia or the aggregate number of days from those business trips. $0 Daily Business Roaming is not available if you have relocated to Australia.

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$8/day to over 100 destinations

Roam like home while you get work sorted overseas. Ready to go on selected Prepay and Pay Monthly plans, our daily price means no surprises when your bill arrives.

No setup needed

Your phone will auto-trigger $8/day roaming when you use data, send a text, or make a call overseas.

Add-ons available

For business destinations a bit further away, you can buy a 500MB Roaming Add-on for just $57.
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