Pay Monthly

Fairer plans give you extra benefits like free data every day and WiFi Calling. Carryover minutes and data also last up to a year, plus sharing your plan with others makes it cheaper. How good.

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Pool plans

Pool plans get cheaper the more people you add. Plus you still get all your own minutes and texts, while sharing the data.
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Pay when you get paid with 14 Day and Monthly Prepay plans.
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What you'll love

WiFi Calling

Use your minutes to make calls over WiFi.

Free data hour

With the Data Clock app.


Transfer unused data over to the next month for up to a year.

Freedom plans

No long-term contracts.


To other devices at no extra cost.


On all plans at no extra cost.

Share your data

Dish out the gigs to other 2degrees mobiles.

Unlimited calls

To other 2degrees mobiles.

Deals for good sorts


Discover discounts on mobile and broadband plans.
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Kiwi Heroes

Discount plans for teachers, nurses, first responders and the defence force.
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Student Perks

Find out how to get 0.5GB of free data with Prepay and Pay Monthly plans.
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Looking for extra data and better value calling overseas?