Use your NZ plan in Aussie on us or for $7/day in over 100 destinations worldwide. There’s also Roaming Data Add-ons for far away places. And it just works - activating when you hop off the plane. T&Cs apply.

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No extra cost

$7/day roaming

$50 roaming Add-on

Calls and texts only

No service


Australia on us

Use your Prepay or Pay Monthly Plan’s data, calls and texts in Sydney like you would in Southland, Wellington or Auckland. Offer lasts until July 31st.

It just works

You don’t need to switch anything on or fiddle with settings. Get off the plane and get on with your trip.

2degrees app

Check your balance and stay on top of your usage with the 2degrees app.

$7/day to 100 destinations

Roam like home for the price of your first cocktail. Ready to go on selected Prepay and Pay Monthly plans, our daily price means you can feel confident of no suprises when your bill arrives.

No setup needed

Your phone will auto-trigger $7/day roaming when you use data, send a text or make a call when overseas.

Price certainty

Know you’re going to pay a daily rate and nothing more. It’s only fair.
Tips for avoiding unwanted roaming charges
Use the following options to avoid activating roaming when you arrive in a destination.