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Manukau Institute of Technology

"Overall, our partnership really sets the bar high in terms of both its commercial and service benefits."
Russell Smith, ICTS Systems Manager, Manukau Institute of Technology

With a roll of more than 16,000 students, including 1,000 international students each year, Manukau Institute of Technology (MIT) is one of the largest technical, vocational and professional education providers in New Zealand, which has been changing lives in South Auckland since 1970.

With over 5,500 desktops and laptops and more than 8,500 mobile devices active on MIT's WiFi network across its 11 campus sites, technology is fundamental to its operations. And behind it every step of the way is its trusted communications provider, 2degrees.

Tell us about what plans you've got with 2degrees?

As a leading educational facility, MIT has been using 2degrees for several years for Managed WAN and mobile services. Recently moving the mobiles under the TaaS agreement – a special 'all of government agency' telecommunications contract which provides major commercial benefits to all government agencies, regardless of size.

Tell us more about this partnership.

ICTS Systems Manager, Russell Smith, says MIT's relationship with 2degrees has simplified everything and is a true partnership in every sense of the word.

"Right from the outset, our business relationship with 2degrees has been really productive. From an account management perspective, we've been most impressed with how 2degrees works collaboratively alongside us every step of the way. They are constantly looking at providing more value at the same time as reducing our costs and driving more efficiencies. Our move to the TaaS agreement with 2degrees is a winning combination as it has helped reduce our costs, it's simpler to administrate and, most importantly, we are getting an exceptional level of service at the same time," he says.

"Working in partnership has really made all the difference and, for us, it's the ideal place to be as there is mutual benefit on both sides. The 2degrees team review our operations every quarter and look to identify further benefits. Things progress really smoothly and everyone's informed and on board at all times. We love the value we get from 2degrees and the fact that they genuinely care about our organisation."

How did the switch go?

Smith says the coordination from a technical perspective has also been seamless. "Our switch to 2degrees' WAN services went extremely well – in fact, I don't think anyone actually noticed! Our desktop provision team works directly with 2degrees' mobile team for anything relating to users and staff, and our network team works directly with 2degrees' technical team. Communication is fundamental to our relationship and 2degrees has been really open with us. Issues are dealt with quickly and working with them is a very straightforward process," he says.

How have you found the service from 2degrees?

"When we have issues, we have the tools we need to provide 2degrees with accurate data to identify areas that require attention. It's a cooperative process which works well. Overall, our partnership really sets the bar high in terms of both its commercial and service benefits. It's a genuine business relationship that we are very proud of and, as a technology-focused organisation, will allow us to grow well into the future."

Service Delivery Manager, Steve Jones, says the partnership has also created additional benefits for its staff and students.

"Under the partnership, MIT's staff and students on 2degrees' post and prepaid mobiles can also share in the savings with discounts and other offers. It's not often a commercial arrangement can provide additional benefits like this, so it has been very well received across our entire organisation."


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