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Bayonne Construction

"We had multiple numbers transferred without a hitch and my team; whether in the office or out in the field, is benefitting from improved connectivity and customer support. We couldn't be happier."

Steve Baldwin,
Owner/Director, Bayonne Construction

Their business needs

Bayonne Construction is all about getting homes and businesses going and always-on throughout the Waikato and Bay of Plenty. The company, established with just four employees in 2006, focuses mainly on electricity and fibre networks, regularly upgrading or installing complete network systems.

It's tough, dirty and very complex work relying heavily on the expertise and initiative of their amazing team, and the ongoing support of their own suppliers. Great customer service is critical to the success of their business and it's essential that Bayonne's suppliers have the same values and approach.

What benefits have they seen?

Steve Baldwin, of Bayonne Construction recently made the switch to 2degrees recognising that here was a company with the same approach to business. "My biggest concern in coming across to 2degrees was ensuring that the switch would be smooth and seamless. Any fears I had were groundless – we had multiple numbers transferred without a hitch and my team, whether in the office or out in the field, is benefiting from improved connectivity and customer support. We couldn't be happier."

With over 100 employees across Tauranga and Hamilton, keeping communication flowing is vital to the business and, as Steve has realised over the past 10 years, it pays to have the right suppliers behind you. "Previously we found communicating with networks stressful," says Baldwin. "It was as though you stopped being a person and became a number once the contract was signed, but thankfully, that's not been the case with 2degrees. The switchover itself was seamless, there is a good range of plan and pricing options to choose from and the network coverage is really far reaching and reliable."

"Price wasn't our original motivation in changing suppliers, but overall, I'm saving a third with 2degrees compared to what I've spent before on other networks, and I'm getting a far superior service as part of the deal. It just makes good business sense."


There's no denying that New Zealand's growth and success at all levels is increasingly reliant on enhanced networks and high service levels. We're only at the beginning of seeing what technology can achieve. The rate of change is extraordinary. "Who'd have thought that our clients would be looking at storing masses of data in a cloud, that machines would need to talk with other machines running dairy factories, electricity supply and generation plants, or even that 1.9 million Kiwis would be checking out their Facebook feed daily – much of which has happened in only 10 years," says Steve. "It's really exciting to be part of that growth and to play such a vital role in keeping the power on and people connected." 

It's equally important for the Bayonne team as well - with project managers spending an increasing amount of time in the field, data is more important than ever, and the shared data pool especially has been a great asset to Steve's team. The 2degrees solution is fair, easy to manage and usage and costs are completely transparent.

What they love about 2degrees?

In this day and age, data and information is everything – gathering, storing, sharing and protecting. Good data should enable every business to stay one step ahead, to prevent issues and to capitalise on opportunities. 2degrees recognises this as important to operations like Bayonne Construction and has gone out of their way to ensure the team is on point.

"Communication is a key part of our organisation and we need to have the ability to keep in touch with every member of the team at all times, whether that's over the phone, by text or via email. We capture a lot of images of work sites and tasks at different stages of completion, so it's important we have a reliable data programme that the team can use to send these back and forth when they're out and about on site. 2degrees are with us all the way," says Steve.


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