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NZ Breakers

The NZ Breakers train hard to represent Aotearoa on the global stage in basketball. While they stay focused on the game, 2degrees partners with the team on and off the court to keep them connected to each other and back home while they're overseas.

As Lisa Edser, Chief Operating Officer, NZ Breakers explains, "When we do travel overseas, it's really important that we have a reliable partner who's able to help us to ensure that things go smoothly, and we have that in 2degrees. Whether that's with free Aussie roaming on all our mobile plans, getting a device, getting a connection or WiFi, it all happens seamlessly."

Edser stresses her team is small but nimble – moving quickly between the on season and off season. With such flexibility baked into their system, it was imperative to have a partner that can adapt to changing requests as they come through.

"We love dealing with 2degrees. There is never anything we ask that is too much. It can be as simple as getting a guy's phone connected. Sounds obvious but when they get off the plane and it's a new city and a new place, they need to be connected." Edser says.

2degrees' partnership with the NZ Breakers extends to their training facility with free WiFi for the basketball community that come through their doors.

Edser stressed the importance of a high bandwidth, stable connection as being key to the coaching staff saying "Without a stable connection, it's like shooting with a flat basketball. Being able to rely on the 2degrees internet is really important to us especially when it comes to downloading and uploading training film and being able to offer free Wifi to our facility users is an added bonus."

Moving from a purchasing relationship with a mobile provider to a partnership with 2degrees has been an easy transition according to Edser.

In her own words, the process was "incredible and couldn't be any better"

We'll take that compliment as a buzzer beater for sure.


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