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Mike Greer Homes

The locally-owned company has built a reputation in the area for "daring to be different", which it applies to all facets of its business. This now includes being one of the first organisations in New Zealand to fully embrace 2degrees' new WiFi Calling service.

For over a decade, Mike Greer Homes in North Canterbury has excelled in building houses that are not only inspirational in design, but are also finished to the highest standards.

2degrees business solutions

WiFi Calling, which is exclusive to 2degrees, allows customers to make and receive calls and texts from anywhere you have a WiFi connection, even if there is no mobile coverage. There's no app to download or pack to buy and what's more, any calls or texts made in New Zealand using WiFi Calling come out of a customer's plan allocation, at no extra charge.

Mike Greer Homes' Project Manager Veronica Wedlake says 2degrees' WiFi Calling has made a significant difference to how it does business.

"WiFi Calling just makes great business sense. Our team started using it as soon as it was launched and it has been transformational for our business. Our office is on the cusp of mobile coverage so our signal used to be quite patchy. 2degrees' WiFi Calling has made a significant difference to our coverage and also means we can now do business from virtually anywhere, without any hassle."

How was it before switching to 2degrees?

"We used to struggle to use our mobiles in some of the more remote areas we work in but WiFi Calling has changed that, as long as there's a WiFi connection we can call and text as normal. Some of us also live in areas with poor signal so it has added to our productivity immensely. Previously, I was unable to even text, let alone use my mobile at home. With WiFi Calling, our clients can now easily contact me whenever they need to which, ultimately, means we can run the business a lot more efficiently," she says.

What Mike Greer Homes love about 2degrees?

The best bit is that WiFi Calling comes out of your mobile plan allocation and as we're on 2degrees Business Mobile Plans, we already have unlimited NZ and AU calling and texts so it doesn't cost us anything extra.

With a firm commitment to helping rebuild Canterbury, Wedlake says the company's recipe for success is not only in its home designs and construction, but also in making an often stressful process simple and hassle-free - which she says is also what 2degrees does.

"We initially moved to 2degrees because it offered a similar service at half the cost of our previous provider. However, 2degrees provides more value than just on price. In our experience, it also provides great technical knowledge and backup service which has been invaluable to us over the years.

WiFi Calling has heightened our experience with 2degrees as it has not only made a significant difference to our business, but also to our overall quality of life given we can now operate from anywhere."


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