Announcing the 2degrees Tall Ferns

2degrees and Basketball New Zealand (BBNZ) are pleased to announce that 2degrees has signed on as the new naming partner for the New Zealand senior women’s basketball teams, a.k.a. the Tall Ferns and 3x3 Tall Ferns.

The team will now respectively be known as the 2degrees Tall Ferns and 2degrees 3x3 Tall Ferns.

The deal also sees 2degrees become the Women and Girls Transformation Partner for BBNZ, which includes the rapidly-growing Girls Got Game junior participation programme.

2degrees CEO Mark Callander says: “I am really pleased to be able to announce that 2degrees is the new naming rights partner for the Tall Ferns, and we are thrilled to be able to back the team.”

Callander says that 2degrees has a history of sponsoring women’s sports, including a long running partnership with the Tania Dalton foundation – a charity that backs young women in their sporting careers – and as sponsors of the Super Rugby Aupiki teams.

“It was Aupiki that encouraged us to look for another women’s team to sponsor. Through Aupiki, we saw the huge opportunity to provide further backing to growth sports, and help develop women’s sport in New Zealand.

“At 2degrees we have a purpose to always Fight for Fair, and now we are taking that to women’s sports.”

Callander says the participation rates for girls’ sports drops off significantly between 16 and 17, but he is confident that the work BBNZ and other sporting codes are doing is helping to address this.

“Basketball is the fastest growing sport in New Zealand, and BBNZ is really driving participation across ages and genders, which is brilliant to see. Backing from companies such as 2degrees will help in this mission to keep Kiwis active and playing team sports.”

BBNZ Chief Executive, Dillon Boucher says that having the backing of 2degrees - across both the Tall Ferns and Girls Got Game space - is a massive boost for women’s basketball in Aotearoa.

“Girls Got Game is a primary Junior Participation Programme that actively encourages girls to both discover and develop a love for basketball, and to give them opportunities to remain in the sport as they get older,” says Boucher.

“The Tall Ferns have an important campaign next year as they look to qualify for the Olympics, for the first time since 2008. Having 2degrees helping them on this journey is significant, as these athletes are our heroes and role models for young women ballers – what many players aspire to, and an example of where hard work and dedication can get you.

“2degrees’ investment in women’s basketball means that more girls can get involved in basketball in this country, and they can see the places it can take them. We are extremely grateful to Mark and the 2degrees team for recognising how much of a positive difference they can make in this space for the female athletes of tomorrow.”

BBNZ Board Member and celebrated ex-Tall Fern, Megan Compain says that the continued evolution of the game in New Zealand has resulted in top-tier companies wanting to be part of the women’s basketball movement.

“Seeing blue chip partners like 2degrees coming on board for the first time ever - and these partners having a specific focus on the women’s game and investing in women’s basketball - this hasn’t really happened before,” says Compain.

“The interesting part about this partnership is that it’s not just a logo being slapped on; I can’t wait to see what 2degrees does as they’ve done such a phenomenal job in marketing and showcasing Super Rugby Aupiki.

“That’s where the value of these types of partnerships are, not just in the bottom line but with the leveraging of our Tall Ferns brand; so we can spread the basketball message and promote our teams through new channels. This partnership gives our Tall Ferns more opportunity to be seen and be visible, to inspire young people to play the game.”

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