Unlimited Travel SIM unleashes connectivity for visitors

2degrees has launched an innovative new plan for visitors to Aotearoa, designed to make sure they stay connected to friends and family – and (maybe more importantly) Instagram and Google Maps.

“Our new Travel plan is simple and easy – it offers unlimited calling and texts to NZ and Aussie, along with unlimited data every day.  All customers need to do is select how many days they want, which can be anywhere from three to 30, and they are good to go,” says Zac Summers, 2degrees Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer.

“We saw a real gap in the market - a simple plan that takes the guess work out of how much data you need to buy while travelling.  It’s frustrating as a traveller to try and work out how much data you need to, say, use online maps for two weeks. This makes it easy – just pick the number of days and enjoy a stress-free holiday.  Jump in the rental, fire up maps, crank up Spotify and start exploring.”

Summers said the Travel SIMs are available at select airports, popular tourist destinations and 2degrees retail stores.

“We know some travellers end up staying longer in NZ than they expected – which is more than understandable, why wouldn’t you? So we have made it easy to add more days too.”

The SIM cards stay active for 12 months from last use, so are ideal for repeat visitors too.

Users can also hotspot and tether on the plan – making it even more useful for people who travel with multiple devices.

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