5G is coming

We're working hard to launch 5G and deliver faster speeds for Kiwis.

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What is 5G?

5G is more than the next generation of wireless technology, it's the start of your journey towards faster speeds and reliable connectivity for more people in and out of your home.

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5G mobile

The 5th generation in mobile networks creates faster mobile download speeds, faster upload speeds and the same response to your Mum’s messages speeds. 5G gaming will also open a new world for you to explore.

Rapid downloads

Download HD episodes of your favourite shows in seconds, not minutes.

World of gaming

Lower latency and faster download speeds make updates zippy for a better gaming experience.
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5G broadband

Improved bandwidth means you can get more people online at the same time using 5G Wireless Broadband, without clogging up the pipes. Kiwis who can’t get Fibre will now have access to Fibre-like speeds for the first time ever.

More people online

Bandwidth improvements mean you can get more people streaming and video calling at the same time.

Fibre-like speeds

For those who can’t get Fibre installed at their place, this is your Fibre-like solution.

Meet the 5G's

Find a character with similar interests to you to see how you might benefit from 5G.


Need 5G for your business?