Business 5G is coming

We're working hard to launch 5G and deliver faster speeds for New Zealand businesses.

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Why business 5G?

5G will provide the foundation for innovation across New Zealand industries. Smarter systems, autonomous decision making in supply-chains and faster data-transfer rates are all possible with the next generation of network technology.

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5G business mobile

The 5th generation of mobile network technology uses new frequencies to deliver improved download/upload speeds, driving your ability to perform data-heavy tasks remotely.

Rapid downloads

Quickly receive and open dense files, videos and more.


Improved connectivity drives confidence and performance of business products.
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5G business broadband

5G will drive new business opportunities for managing supply-chain logistics, human resources and stock levels. Faster speeds combined with improved reliability provides new ways for your business to communicate remotely across New Zealand.

Supply-chain management

Get real-time visibility across your systems like never before.

Reliable remote working

Employee data hungry applications on-site or on the go.


What is 5G?

Meet five Kiwi business characters to find out how you might benefit from a world-class 5G network.

Looking for personal 5G?