Managing the mobile account of a deceased person

We understand that the personal loss of a loved one is never easy to deal with. While you navigate through this difficult time, we’re here to help you gain access and manage their mobile account as quicky and easily as possible.

Access to the deceased’s voicemail

If you would like a copy of the deceased’s voicemail greeting, you need to email us a certified copy of their death certificate at Alternatively, you can give us a certified copy or show us the original death certificate at any of our retail stores.

Alternate documents for proof of death

If you do not require a copy of the voicemail greeting, we can accept any of the following documents as proof of death:

  • Original or certified death certificate (this is preferred)
  • Original or certified doctor's medical certificate of cause of death
  • Original or certified coroners certificate of findings
  • Estate solicitor's letter
  • Funeral invoice
  • Website notification (Amemorytree or funeral directors listing in newspaper)

Making changes to the mobile account

To make changes to the deceased’s mobile account, you will need to email certified copies of any of the documents listed above to You can also hand over a copy to our staff at any of our retail stores. Once we have verified the proof of death document, we can then offer you the following options to manage the deceased’s person’s account:

  1. Change the account to a prepay account
  2. Close the mobile account with 2degrees permanently
  3. Transfer the mobile account to another person*

    * To transfer the deceased’s person’s mobile account, the new person will need to have an existing Pay Monthly account with 2degrees. Alternatively, the new person can apply for a new Pay Monthly account either online or in store.