Help for Flip fibre customers

Why is Flip rebranding to 2degrees?

Flip has been part of the 2degrees family since June 2022, and like us, they’re all about fighting to get Kiwis a fair deal on their broadband. We’re combining our brands so we can be even more focused on delivering Kiwis a better internet experience.

We think you’ll love being with us, having been independently voted NZ’s fairest telco (Kantar Corporate Reputation Index 2023), with a fast and reliable network and a focus on customer service.

What do I need to do to move to 2degrees?

There is nothing you need to do on your end to move your Flip broadband plan to 2degrees. You’ll receive an email from Flip soon (if you haven’t already) and an email from us once the change has happened.

Will there be any outages?


Will I need to change my broadband equipment or modem/router?

No, whether you have your own modem or one from Flip, it should work as usual.

If you encounter issues, reset your modem/router by unplugging it at the wall, wait a few minutes and then plug it in again.

Will I see any changes on my bill?

2degrees bills broadband monthly, so you’ll be charged $60/month instead of $14/week or $28/fortnight for your plan.

Don’t worry, this works out to be a bit cheaper than what you’re currently paying.

If you convert your weekly or fortnightly plan with Flip to monthly, it works out to be $60.83/month. With 2degrees, you’ll be charged $60/month and still get the same internet speed and unlimited data. Nice.

Can I still pay weekly or fortnightly?

While you’ll be billed monthly, you can pay weekly or fortnightly through your internet banking if that’s how you prefer to stay on top of your bill. Our bank account details are:

Bank account: 02-0108-0659253-000
Reference:Your account number – you can find this on your bill summary email

Just note that if there is a balance still owed by your payment due date (you’ll find this on your bill), we’ll charge your saved credit or debit card as normal.

1% card payment fee

From your first 2degrees bill, a 1% payment fee will apply to payments made by credit or debit card. You can avoid paying this fee by switching to direct debit. Important: you’ll only be able to do this once you’ve received an email from us letting you know the change is complete.

Who do I contact for customer support?

Contact Flip the same as you do today until you get an email from 2degrees. From then on, contact us for help.