Help with Hyperfibre

Where is Hyperfibre currently available?

Hyperfibre is now available in more than 75% of New Zealand’s towns and cities. Currently, you can get Hyperfibre 2 and Hyperfibre 4 via Chorus and Tuatahi First Fibre in select UFB1 areas. For those living in Christchurch, you can get Hyperfibre via Enable. Northpower does not currently support Hyperfibre. To see if your address currently supports Hyperfibre, please use our handy address checker.

Is Hyperfibre available to all 2degrees customers?

Hyperfibre is currently only available to new customers signing up directly for a Hyperfibre plan. We plan to make it available for our existing customers soon.

My address isn’t listed for Hyperfibre? When will this change?

If your address isn’t currently listed as a Hyperfibre enabled location, it means we’re working on getting it sorted as soon as possible. In the meantime, you can still get one of our Fibre plans.

Does a technician need to visit my home to install Hyperfibre?

If your home already has fibre installed, a fibre technician will need to come out to your address to change your current Optical Network Terminal (ONT) to one that’s capable of handling Hyperfibre's speeds. As a reminder, the ONT is the box that usually sits in your garage or lounge and connects the internet cable from the street access to your home. If you already have Hyperfibre installed and are simply upgrading to a different Hyperfibe plan, there’s no need for a technician’s visit.

How long before a technician visits my home to install Hyperfibre?

With Hyperfibre being the latest technology to be rolled out across NZ, our install partner Chorus is working as fast as they can to accommodate all new install requests. Currently, you can expect a timeframe of up to 5 weeks (but this may be extended out further at some specific addresses).

Which devices support Hyperfibre speeds?

Hyperfibre should work with most of the phones, tablets, laptops, and computers already in your home. But please note that not all current generation devices are capable of delivering the full extent of Hyperfibre’s improved speeds. However, there are several new devices coming onto the market with either 10Gbps Ethernet Ports or WiFi 6 (802.11ax) These devices allow you to get the maximum speed from your Hyperfibre connection. We recommend researching your options to see if any of these newer devices are suited for your home.

I have Google WiFi in my home. Will it work with Hyperfibre?

Yes. Our new Hyperfibre router supports Wi-Fi AX MESH (used by devices such as Google WiFi) and come with a dedicated Wi-Fi backhaul to support Hyperfibre speeds.

Can I use my own router for Hyperfibre?

At the moment, no. To ensure you get the best possible speeds from your new Hyperfibre connection, you will need to use our dedicated Hyperfibre modem which is included in your plan. In the meantime, we’re working on making older modems compatible with Hyperfibre and hope to roll this out in the future.

Can I add a landline with my Hyperfibre connection?

Hyperfibre doesn’t support the addition of a landline at this stage.

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