Port Filtering

To protect our customers from cyber attacks, we network block inbound traffic (TCP/UDP) associated with the following ports. If you have an onsite email server (business email server), NAS servers, Web server or remote admin access to router, then network port filtering may impact you. To resolve this, simply log onto My 2degrees and select ‘Settings’ from the right hand menu, then select ‘Off’ under Port filtering.

Network port filtering does not affect Wireless Broadband connections.

Note: Network port filtering will not impact your normal internet browsing, video streaming, gaming or email services.

Port Inbound traffic
20 FTP data
21 FTP data
22 SSH (Secure Shell), File transfers
23 Telnet
25 SMTP (email sending)
53 DNS server
67 Bootstrap server, DHCP
68 Bootstrap client, DHCP
80 HTTP server
110 POP3 server
135 remote manage DHCP, DNS server
137 NetBIOS name service
138 NetBIOS Datagram
139 NetBIOS Session
143 IMAP server
161 SNMP
162 SNMP
443 HTTPS server
547 DHCPv6 server
593 HTTP RPC remote procedure
2049 NFS