If there’s a power cut, will my broadband or phone line work?

Will my Fibre Broadband services work if there is power cut?

The Optical Network Terminal (ONT) which connects your premises to the Fibre network requires power to work. Without power your Fibre connection will not work.

You can protect your Fibre connection from power cuts by keeping an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) battery at your place. These are available from most major electronics stores around New Zealand.

Will my 2degrees landline service work when the power goes out?

Whether you’re a household with a Home Phone Plus service or are a business with a Smart Phone  service, your 2degrees landline plugs into your modem which needs power to work.

If there is a power cut in your home, your Home Phone Plus or Smart Phone service will not work, and you won't be able to make calls (including emergency 111 calls). If you’re in an area which is prone to power outages, and you’re heavily dependent on your landline phone, we suggest keeping a charged mobile handy in case of emergency.

Our landline services delivered over traditional copper lines (Home Phone Basic for households and 2degrees Basic Phone Line for businesses) should not be affected by a power outage unless you’re using a cordless phone which is dependent on power.

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