What to do if your phone is lost or stolen

  1. Immediately bar or pause your number (SIM suspension)
  2. Blocklist your phone from being used on any New Zealand network (we can reverse this process if your phone is found)
  3. Request confirmation of barring and blocklisting for insurance claim/police records
  4. Report the incident to the police

How to bar or pause your number (SIM suspension)

If your phone is missing and you want to be certain no one else can use your number (and rack up charges on your account), the first thing to do is pause your number. This will restrict all services on the phone number.

If your phone is found, it’s easy to remove the bar so you can continue to use your number.

You can add or remove a SIM suspension via Your 2degrees.

  • Log into Your 2degrees account
  • Click on Settings
  • Select Pause
  • Choose the number you would like to pause and select Pause on the right
  • Confirm by clicking Pause Number
  • The page will load for a couple of seconds
  • Your number will be suspended from use

Things to know about barring your number

If you don’t bar the SIM, you’re responsible for any usage from the phone even if you’ve notified us. If you choose not to bar your number, we won’t be able to transfer any credit you had on your phone before it was lost or stolen and you will not be reimbursed for any misuse or credit used.

Pay Monthly Plan fees, Add-ons and phone repayments will continue as normal while the SIM is suspended.

If your phone isn’t found and you need to get a new phone, you can purchase a blank SIM and carry out a SIM swap and then remove the bar so you can keep your old number.

Block your lost or stolen phone from being used on any New Zealand network

When you blocklist your phone, you prevent it from being used on any New Zealand network – even if another SIM card is inserted. If you find the device later, we can easily unblock it for you.

To blocklist or un-blocklist your phone, call Customer Care on 0800 022 022, or +6422 200 2000 from overseas.

For your security, we’ll need to verify your ownership of the device and you’ll need to provide your IMEI code.

Find your IMEI code

Every mobile phone in the world has a unique serial number known as the IMEI. In order to blocklist your phone, we will need to know its IMEI number. You can usually find the IMEI displayed on the phone's original packaging box (if you still have it). Alternatively, you can call us, and we may be able to help you find your IMEI.

Please note: if it’s been longer than 30 days since you used your missing device on the 2degrees network, we’re unable to blocklist it.

While you’re on the phone with us, we’ll ask if you want us to send you a confirmation of SIM suspension and phone blocklisting for insurance records.

Report the incident to the police either online or at your nearest police station.

Don't forget to contact your insurance company if you need to.

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