About our network improvement measures

Here at 2degrees, we know there is huge growth in demand for digital services. As part of our ongoing fight for fair, we want to make sure we’re enabling kiwis to get amongst New Zealand’s digital future.

What’s happening?

We’re undertaking a nationwide refresh of our billion-dollar mobile network to enable better connectivity and open to door to cutting edge new services like 5G.

Through this work we hope to empower more communities, connect more kiwis to more things and push NZ businesses to the next level.

We will be carrying out this work over the next few years while we squirrel around the country making things better. It’s no mean feat keeping kiwis at the pulse of digital technology. But we just love it.

How will this impact me?

We’re working hard to keep service disruption to a minimum, but to undertake this work, we will need to temporarily switch off select towers to install new snazzy equipment.

What this means is that for areas where there isn’t alternate coverage options, some customers may experience a temporary outage. These outages will last for approximately 1-2 days and may result in the complete loss of calls (except to 111), texts and mobile data.

How will I be informed about outages?

We will provide advance warning by text, where possible, if you frequent an area that is going to be impacted by an outage. At any time, the best place to stay up to date is our network status page online on our network status page. This page is updated around the clock and should be your go-to place to keep in the loop.

What are my options to stay connected?

Here’s a couple of options to stay connected when you’re at home, or work, and connected to WiFi.

WiFi Calling: If you have a compatible device, you can get chatting with WiFi calling and use your plan minutes and texts, even without mobile signal! There are no extra charges, just extra signal. You can read more about WiFi calling here.

Other calling options: If your phone is connected to WiFi you can use alternative calling apps like Whatsapp. If you have an iPhone, you can use iMessage, Facetime Video and Facetime Audio to communicate with other iPhone users over WiFi, even without mobile signal.

If there is an emergency, can I still call 111 in an outage?

Yes, if you’re in an area that has other network providers connectivity available. If you have a medical condition that increases your likelihood to call 111, or you work from home, you might want to consider alternative connectivity options or move elsewhere during this time.