Things you need to know about Trade in

What is Trade In?

Trade In is a great way to upgrade to the latest and greatest phone Interest Free and land a sweet discount. Just trade-in your old phone, and we’ll give you some cash towards the new one. Easy as! You’ll be helping keep NZ green too, because phones that are traded in get reused and put towards other things, instead of ending up in landfill.

Who is Moorup?

Good question, we’re glad you asked. Moorup are an Australian company specialising in turning pre-loved electronics back to being reusable. They operate one of the largest mobile buy-back programs over the ditch for individuals, as well as providing Trade In solutions for tonnes of businesses. And now 2degrees are one of them.

We’ve been working hard with Moorup to bring back Trade In for 2degrees customers. You could say, we’re like two best friends, hustling together to make the world a better place, one Trade In at a time.

When you trade-in online, Moorup will do the heavy lifting once you start your Trade In journey as you’ll be directed to a co-branded website, powered by Moorup, where you’ll complete your Trade In. Moorup will take the reins from then on.

Whilst we’re in it together, Moorup operate independently from 2degrees and as the driving force behind the process, they will be the first point of contact once you start your Trade In.

How does it work?

When you trade-in your old device, we’ll give you some extra cash in your back pocket! How you receive your cash will depend on how you trade-in and the amount you receive will be based on the condition, type and model of your phone and this amount can vary over time.

If you’re at a 2degrees retail store, purchasing a new device on Interest Free and trading-in, we’ll sort it for you on the spot and knock some cash off the price of your new one.

If you purchase a new device online, via telesales, or via one of our partner stores, and trade-in, you’ll get your Trade In value paid directly to your New Zealand bank account.

How can I find the model and storage size of a phone?


  • Go to Settings > General > About
  • Look for model name and capacity (shown in GB)


  • Go to Settings > About (or system)
  • Look for device name
  • Go back to Settings > Device Care (or storage)
  • Look for storage (shown in GB)

Who is eligible for Trade In?

Trade In is only available for Pay Monthly customers at this stage.

Can I trade-in my old phone?

If your phone is still functional and the screen is reasonably free from damage, your phone will be considered to be 'in good working order'. However, there are a few additional conditions your phone must also meet before it can be traded-in. To make it easy for you, we’ve popped a wee checklist below on what you can look out for. The cool thing is all you have to do is select ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ to each of the two questions and then we will offer you a price we hope you love.

Question 1: Is your phone still functional

  • Your phone must power on and off
  • No parts should be missing (eg. Power and volume buttons, camera, SIM tray, etc.)

Question 2: Is the glass/screen free from damage? There should be no cracks, chips, missing glass or smashes in your screen, or in the glass on the back of your phone (if applicable)

  • No dead pixels and/or LCD bleed
  • You can also visit any 2degrees store to check if you’re unsure.

Importantly before sending us your old device:

  • Any activation locks must be removed so the phone is accessible
  • You own the device, and it must not be blocklisted

Please note that light scratches on the screen/glass are not considered damage and so a phone with light scratching should still be eligible to Trade-In.

If your device meets all the above criteria, then your device should be good to go. When in-store, our staff will check to make sure your device meets the criteria before you trade-in. Otherwise when you trade-in online, the team at Moorup will assess your device and let you know.

What do I need to do before trading-in my old device?

Here are some things you need to do before sending your device for Trade In:

  • Back up your contacts and any important files you don’t want to lose, including photos, videos, notes, calendar dates and messages.
  • Factory reset your device to clear any of the contents, once the above has been completed
  • Remove your SIM and any memory cards inserted into the device. To ensure your personal information remains secure, any SIM or memory cards found in returned devices are destroyed.
  • If you have an iPhone, it’s important that you switch off Find My iPhone and log out of your iCloud account
  • If your device is received with an active iCloud, the trade-in will not be completed and your device will be returned to you.
  • If you have an Android phone, make sure you’ve disabled any security lock settings on your phone. These settings can remotely lock your device to protect your personal information if you lose it. It’s important you remove your Google Account from your device.
  • If your device is received with an active Google Account, the trade in will not be completed and your device will be returned to you.
  • If you have any wearables such as an Apple Watch or Samsung Galaxy Watch its handy to unpair it from your old device. This makes it easier to attach your watch to your new device.

Can I trade-in more than one device?

Yes, you can trade-in multiple devices! As long as they meet the eligibility criteria for trading-in.

The Trade In amounts cannot exceed the cost of the device purchased and, importantly, there must be a minimum repayment of $10 per month on your new device.

Right now, we’re only accepting trade-ins for mobile phones.

How long do I have to Trade In?

If you’re buying a new device in-store, your Trade In will be done at the same time.

If you buy your device online, via telesales, or at via one of our partner stores, you have 15 days from the date you receive your phone to trade-in. The value you will receive may change so it’s better to trade-in as soon as you can. Once you submit your Trade In, we will honour that price.

How long will it take?

If you purchase your new device from a 2degrees retail store and trade-in whilst you’re in store, about we’ll do this for you on the spot.

If you trade-in online, this should take around 7 working days from when you submit and send your phone for Trade In.

What happens to the phone I trade-in?

We’re all about the sustainable life over here at 2degrees. That’s why we’re saying ‘no’ to phones ending up in landfill and ‘yes’ to giving them a new lease of life. Phones that are traded-in will either be refurbished and resold to people that need them, or the parts will be re-used to make other phones smile again. So that’s less e-waste in the ground, and more love for the planet. By taking part in Trade In, you're basically an environmental hero. Kudos to you my green friend.

I have a question about trading-in, who can I ask?

You can find more information on the Moorup Trade In portal here.

If you have a question about trading-in, you will need to contact Moorup directly. You can find contact details here.