Students and under 25’s

Roadies, binge watching or straight up procrastination - Students and under 25’s get 1GB free data every weekend on eligible Pay Monthly and Prepay plans. Join 2degrees and redeem your bonus data instore or online.


Head into any 2degrees store with a valid ID and our team will apply your bonus data on the spot.


Grab a voucher code from any of our associated retail partners or StudentCard and apply for your bonus data by filling in the form below.



  1. These terms and conditions apply to the “2degrees Student Perks Programme” (“Student Perks”) conducted by Two Degrees Mobile Limited (“2degrees”).
  2. These specific terms and conditions apply in addition to our Prepay Terms and Conditions, Carryover Combo Terms and Conditions and Pay Monthly Terms and Conditions.
  3. This promotion is available to customers currently enrolled as a student at a tertiary institute or secondary school in New Zealand who are signed up to a:
    1. $19, $30, $45, $55 or $70 Prepay Plan (“PP Plan”); or
    2. $35, $45, $60, $75 and $90 Pay Monthly Plan (“PM Plan”); or
    3. 14 Day Prepay Plan (“14 Day PP Plan”),

(together “Eligible Plans”).

  1. If you are signed up to one of our Eligible Plans you may join Student Perks by signing up at a 2degrees retail store with your student ID.
  2. If you have joined Student Perks, and have an active Eligible Plan, we will give you 1GB of bonus data every Friday night (“Bonus Data”). You have 2 days, until Sunday at midnight, to use your Bonus Data. Any Bonus Data remaining at Sunday midnight will expire.
  1. Your weekly Bonus Data will stop after 12 months from the date the voucher code is applied.
  2. You will not be eligible to receive any other Data Promotions offered by 2degrees while you are a member of Student Perks.