2degrees Teams Calling Terms and Conditions


The 2degrees Teams Calling (Service) provides PSTN connectivity to Microsoft Teams Online. This service enables 2degrees to provide and manage PSTN, calling, numbering and connectivity into a customer’s Microsoft Office 365 Tenant. As part of this service, we use our telecommunications grade Session Border Controllers (SBC).

This Service uses 2degrees SIP trunks to connect to the PSTN which are included in the monthly cost per user. The use of 2degrees SIP trunks is a pre-requisite for use of the Service. The separate terms applicable to our SIP trunk service will be given to you by us. 

There is one Direct Dial In (DDI) number per user allocated as part of the Service. Where additional DDI numbers are required, these can be procured at the rate supplied for an additional fee.

Calling will be billed at your usual rates.

We will charge you monthly for the Service on a per user basis. The monthly per user Charge covers the software and ongoing support of the Session Border Controllers used to provide the Service. For the avoidance of doubt, this charge does not include monthly call charges or if you use 2degrees Teams Calling in ‘Out of Service Diversion’ mode to divert or transfer calls to another mobile or landline phone number - standard calling rates may apply. Details of standard rates can be found in the Business Broadband Phone Standard Rates Teams and Conditions - .https://www.2degrees.nz/termsofuse/broadband/business/2degrees-business-phone-services-terms-and-conditions/   

These terms and conditions will apply in addition to our Business Broadband Terms and Conditions (and/or any other specific terms and conditions you have agreed to).


1. 2degrees Teams Calling Service

1.1 The 2degrees Teams Calling Service consists of the components set out in the following table.





Payment Type


Installation & Configuration

 2degrees will setup and configure the SIP trunk connectivity. For the avoidance of doubt, this does not include set up and configuration of your Office 365 Tenant.




The Service is monitored for performance and traffic abnormalities 24 x 7

Included in Monthly per user charge


Fault Diagnosis and Issue Resolution

Suspected faults with the Service are investigated, diagnosed and if possible, issue resolutions applied.

Included in Monthly per user charge


Moves, Adds & Changes

Changes are delivered upon customer request in line with standard processes and charging.

As per section 7


SIP Channels

Sufficient SIP Channels to ensure all users can make or receive calls (assuming they are logged in)

Included in Monthly per user charge


DDI Number

A DDI number for each user

Included in Monthly per user charge

Out Of Service Diversion 

2degrees Out of Service Diversion for Teams Calling is a way to provide business continuity in the event of a loss of SIP connectivity to the SBCs providing connectivity to the Microsoft 365 environment.  Should there be an outage of the managed SBCs connecting to 2degrees core softswitch, then based on settings configured in the 2degrees Metaportal, calls can be immediately diverted via to landline or mobiles as required.  



Included in Monthly per user however Standard calling rates may apply - https://www.2degrees.nz/termsofuse/broadband/business/2degrees-business-phone-services-terms-and-conditions/  

  2.Installation & Configuration

2.1 You are responsible for the installation and configuration of the Service. You will need to engage an IT professional to install and configure your Service to your Office 365 Tenant.

2.2 The Service will be connected to your Office 365 Tenant

2.3 Our provision of the Service is subject to you confirming that:

(a)you will enter any end user agreement, or additional end user agreement, with Microsoft that is required in order for you to use the Service;

(b) your Teams calling to the PSTN will use the 2degrees SIP trunks which are subject to SIP trunk terms and conditions;

(c)  you will pay any charges that apply;

(d) you are responsible for connectivity to Office 365;

(e) you are responsible for any costs associated with the installation and configuration of the Service;

(f) you are responsible for any costs any costs associated with the configuration of your Network;

(g)  you are responsible for any costs associated with ensuring the security required for the operation of the Service. We are unable to exercise control over, and make no representations or warranties concerning, the security or content of data or information passing over the Network, any systems operated by third parties and the internet; and

(h) you will pay any porting fees to migrate numbers from another carrier.

3. Monitoring

3.1 Subject to clause 3.3, the Service will be delivered in conjunction with a 2degrees SIP Calling Service. Availability of SIP trunk services from Office 365 to PSTN demarcation will be monitored.

3.2 Subject to clause 3.3, the SBCs are monitored for availability and performance.

3.3 In respect of the Out of Service Diversion Component, any outage will only be monitored from the SBCs to PSTN demarcation.

4. Operating System Updates and Certificate Management

4.1 The platform that provides your Service maintains operating systems at N-1 release versions. New updates are tested by 2degrees prior to release.

4.2 Windows updates on Teams client software and Microsoft endpoints will be managed by your Microsoft update policies.

5. Fault Diagnosis & Issue Resolution

5.1 Where a fault is notified or detected on your 2degrees Teams Calling Service we will work with you to investigate, diagnose, and regularly keep you informed of progress


6. Billing

6.1 Please refer to your sign-up form or service order for details of the applicable Charges for the Service.

6.2 Subject to clause 6.4 and 6.5, you will be billed for the Service once your service is operational and you are able to make calls via the PSTN. Other than any set-up costs which will be payable on invoice.

6.3 If you terminate the Service before the end of the initial term, early termination charges may apply.

6.4 We will be entitled to invoice you for any additional Software license fees charged to us relating to:

(a) any Software upgrade requested by you, during the Initial Service Term or the Extended Term;

(b) required in order for us to continue to provide the 2degrees Teams Calling Service, and not covered in the Services described in this Service Description.

6.5 We will be entitled to invoice you for any set-up costs incurred by us in relation to connecting 2degrees SIP Trunk Service.

7. Moves, Adds & Changes

7.1   In addition to the Service, you may request the following additional services:

  • Moves, Adds and Changes;
  • Professional services provided outside the scope of the support Services; and
  • Integration services

7.2  2degrees will perform MAC in accordance with the most current cost and structure for these services. Please find a range of 2degrees MAC forms here: https://www.2degrees.nz/enterprise/move-add-and-changes-mac-forms/


8. Support

8.1 We may, from time to time, undertake maintenance of any Service. If for any reason an outage is required, we will work with you to either reroute the calls, attempt to schedule the outage outside of NZ business hours or otherwise work with you to minimise the impact.

8.2 Where 2degrees monitoring identifies an issue with any Service we may, from time to time, have to undertake urgent work to prevent outages and faults. Wherever possible, we will give you notice before we undertake the work.

8.3 2degrees will not be responsible:

(a) for a failure by 2degrees due to any acts or omissions of its third-party providers, or if such failure is caused by any product or service supplied by third parties;

(b) for a failure by 2degrees due to the Network or any equipment, or any other network (including but not limited to the Internet) or equipment outside the 2degrees network;

(c) if the customer is in breach of any part of the Agreement that affects 2degrees’s ability to provide support, or if 2degrees suspends the Service or any part of it in accordance with the Agreement; 

(d) where reasonable assistance is required from the customer, or information is reasonably requested by 2degrees, and such assistance or information is not provided in a timely fashion;

(e) when a failure by 2degrees is due to a Force Majeure event (as that term is defined in the Business Broadband Terms and Conditions);

(f) for a failure by 2degrees due to a planned outage or emergency service maintenance; 

(g) for a failure by 2degrees due to an inaccurate service order being submitted by the customer; or

(h) where the customer has failed to implement any reasonable and clear instructions issued by 2degrees in relation to the Service. 



9. YourOtherResponsibilities

9.1 You are responsible for providing support for your Network, and any equipment or materials on your Network’s side of the Point of Connection.

9.2 You are responsible for the cost, procurement, programming, reprogramming, installation or maintenance of your Network, and any equipment or materials on your Network’s side of the Point of Connection.

9.3 You will ensure that your Network and any equipment or materials on your Network’s side of the Point of Connection, comply with the specifications determined by us from time to time for the purposes of enabling the effective operation of the Service for you.

9.4 You must ensure that any equipment used in connection with providing the Service and located at your premises or data centre is sufficiently ventilated, away from extreme temperatures, and is supplied with surge protected power.

9.5 You are responsible for providing rack or cabinet space in a data centre (where applicable) and any connection to your Network or other points of integration.

9.6 You are responsible for providing internet connectivity to the Service where it is required.

9.7 In the event you fail to comply with your obligations under this section E we will be relieved from our support obligations under section D.

10. Termination

10.1 We are entitled to terminate this Service on 3 months written notice.

10.2 We are entitled to terminate this Service on written notice in the event we no longer provide Session Border Controllers.

11. Definitions

In this Service Description in addition to the terms defined elsewhere in the Agreement, the following defined terms will apply to this Service Description:

GA means General Availability. This is when a product has been released by the vendor for General use, i.e. is not a Beta release.

MAC or Move, Add, Change means a move, addition / deletion or change to your service.

Metaportal means a front end portal that allows customers to:    

  • Add ported numbers  
  • View DDI’s on the SIP Trunk  
  • View Trunk Channel Utilisation  
  • Set up Call forwards (unavailable or always)   
  • View Call detail records.  


SBC or Session Border Controller means a network appliance (sometimes virtual) that arbitrates VoIP telephony traffic between networks;

Point of Connection means that point at which your Network connects to our equipment;

PSTN means Public Switched Telephony Network, i.e., the ability to place calls between different services and service providers dialing a telephone number

your network means the Local Area Network, Wide Area Network, Internet, and telecommunications system owned and/or operated by you.