SIP Over Internet Service Terms and Conditions

  1. These specific terms and conditions apply in addition to the Business Broadband Terms and Conditions and any other specific terms and conditions that may be applicable to a User under your Account (together, the Applicable Terms and Conditions). For the avoidance of doubt, any reference in the Business Broadband Terms and Conditions to Services shall include the SIP Over Internet Services Terms (as applicable).
  2. These specific terms and conditions will prevail in the case of inconsistency with the Applicable Terms and Conditions.
  3. Unless stated otherwise, capitalised terms have the same meaning given to them in the Applicable Terms and Conditions.
  4. The 2degrees SIP Over Internet service provide a range of communication services that allow a business to operate more efficiently and reduce costs. 2degrees SIP Over Internet services are available for a business that requires phone lines for its PBX, to a nationwide geographically dispersed call centre and can include the provision of standard calling services and toll-free services.
  5. Service Overview
    1. The 2degrees SIP Over Internet Service consist of the following options:

Calling Services - offers an easy way to access the 2degrees network for Local, National, Mobile and International voice calling.

Toll Free Services – provides a comprehensive set of toll-free features for New Zealand businesses. 2degrees can port existing 0800 and/or 0508 numbers or arrange new Toll Free Numbers if required. -

 The following table shows the toll-free options that are available:

Follow Me Enables you to change your terminating number from anywhere in New Zealand for free, through an automated prompt service.
Call Advance on Busy / No answer Ensures your calls are always answered by forwarding calls to another pre-defined number if your primary terminating number is busy or not answered.
Call Screening Block calls from Mobile phones and Payphones
Originating Number Routing Customers are routed through to the most appropriate destination. You determine which number your customers will terminate on based on their incoming phone number.
Time Dependent Routing
Basic *
Complex **
Calls can be routed to different places any time during the day or night. This ensures that your calls are handled efficiently after hours or on public holidays. You define the time periods and select which days of the week each time routing should apply.
Percentage Call Distribution Distributes your calls to where you have the resources available to handle them. Calls can be shared between multiple locations as you can allocate a percentage of calls to different terminating numbers.
Confidential Pin Restricts access to your toll-free number by requiring callers to enter a valid PIN before their call is connected.
Extension Routing It has the ability to recognise a valid extension entered by a caller and proceed to that extension.
Geographic Routing
Basic *
Complex **
Enables calls to be answered locally. Calls are routed to specific terminating numbers, based on what regions the calls are made from. Your customers’ calls can be directed to the branch or office that is closest to them.
Toll Free Notification
(Distinctive Tone)
Plays a quick beep, so that you know your incoming call is Toll Free.
Menu Routing / Call Prompting Customised announcements assist your callers in choosing a destination
Pre-announcement / Courtesy Response Provides a pre-recorded message to screen out unwanted callers or to ensure your callers have the necessary information before the call is directed to the terminating number.
* Basic = Routing for 17 regions, Whangarei, Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga, Gisborne, Rotorua, New Plymouth, Napier, Wanganui, Palmerston North, Wellington, Nelson, Christchurch, Dunedin, Invercargill, Telecom mobile and Vodafone mobile.
** Complex = Routing for 74 Regions
    1. SIP Over Internet– provides a Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) link that enables IP telephony calls to be carried between the Customer and 2degrees. The SIP over Internet service is delivered over an internet service that may or may not be provided by 2degrees. As this Service is delivered over the internet, 2degrees cannot guarantee the continuous availability or quality of the Service.

All inbound and outbound calls are carried over the SIP Over Internet Service and are received from/or passed to other carrier networks in New Zealand and around the world via 2degrees interconnect agreements.

Existing phone numbers can be ported over from existing providers if required, or 2degrees can provision new numbers. A Customer must designate one of these numbers as the Pilot Number. The 2degrees SIP Over Internet Service will associate the Customer’s business name with the designated Pilot Number. DDI Numbers can be purchased in blocks of 10 or 100.

  1. Service Components

LAN (Local Area Network) Responsibility – The local area network (LAN) is the responsibility of the Customer. This includes Customer owned / managed (or third-party owned / managed) routers, switches, PC’s or other locally based devices that may interfere with the proper transmission of the 2degrees SIP Over Internet Service. If the Customer experiences the loss of voice quality due to these Customer managed devices within the local area network, 2degrees’s sole responsibility will be to work as an interested party in helping the Customer find a suitable way to rectify the issue. This may include, at the Customer’s cost, requesting third-party IT support or working with the Customer’s internal IT personnel. 2degrees may also offer to provide managed router or managed switch services, where appropriate, as a potential solution to local area network problems.

The following outlines the Service Specifications for the 2degrees SIP Over Internet Service

The security of any Customer Owned IP Telephony Devices connect to the SIP Over Internet Service is beyond 2degrees’ control, 2degrees takes no responsibility if the Customer owned IP telephony device is compromised and fraudulent calling is generated.

2degrees will present Calling Line ID on the SIP Over Internet Service. Please note that for technical reasons, 2degrees cannot guarantee that the Calling Line ID will always be available and presented in a consistent format, particularly calls to or from international destinations.

For most incoming calls, Calling Line ID will display the phone number of the person calling, however the Customer Owned IP Telephony Device needs to be compatible to receive the Calling Line ID Service.

Some incoming calls will not display the number. For example, where a call is made from a line which has an unlisted number, or from a pay phone or another service provider’s network.

If it is intended to collect or use any calling information provided by the Calling Line ID, this use must comply with the Privacy Act 2020.

Customer agrees that they intend to use Calling Line ID to help identify the calling party, and to call back a phone number displayed or stored on telephone.

Customer will ensure that everyone using their Customer Owned IP telephony Device, or the numbers displayed on their display screen, understands and meets these responsibilities

Each SIP channel is 80KB in size and terminates at the Customer’s premise on the 2degrees provided Customer Premise Equipment (CPE).  2degrees SIP Over Internet Service support the following RFC’s and protocols:

SIP Options   Options/value


RTP payload for DTMF RFC2833
Codecs G711u-law  
G711a-law Preferred
Payload 20ms
Transcoding n/a
Methods supported Invite Yes
Cancel Yes
Bye Yes
Prack Yes
Subscribe Yes
Notify Yes
Refer No
Options Yes
Update Yes
Info No
SIP Headers supported Content-disposition Yes
Remote-Party-ID No
P-Asserted-ID Yes
Privacy Yes
Reason No
Replaces No
Referred-By No
Diversion No
History Info No
Generic Digits No
Charge Number No
Resource-Priority No
SIP Header format Compact Yes
Other options Heartbeat Yes
Post-Answer media exchange Reinvite
Overlap method Info
Telephony profile Yes
Early SDP No
Invite without SDP Yes
Conn Mode allowed Yes
T.38AnnexD No
E.164 No

2degrees does not guarantee compatibility to any specific product or future software release. It is the responsibility of the Customer to perform compatibility testing. 2degrees will assist where it considers it appropriate with this testing.

SIP Over Internet Service is not recommended for monitored security alarms, and EFTPOS on G711 . The 14,400 baud rate is supported however, this is dependent on the type of EFTPOS, monitored security alarm or fax device being used.

Two codecs are supported by the 2degrees SIP Over Internet Service. It is recommended utilising (to ensure call quality) only the G711 A-law codec.  When calculating voice bandwidth requirements, 80kbps (in each direction) should be assigned for each simultaneous call. 

T 38 Fax over IP is not supported.

2degrees recommends switching to IP-based communications for EFTPOS, monitored alarms or fax. You should discuss with your EFTPOS, alarm or fax provider, as this is not service provided by 2degrees. 

Customer – means the Account Owner.
SBC or Session Border Controller means a network appliance (sometimes virtual) that arbitrates VoIP
telephony traffic between networks;
MAC or Move, Add, Change means a move, addition / deletion or change to your service.
PBX: Private Branch Exchange
Point of Connection: means that point at which your Network connects to our equipment;
your Network: means the Local Area Network, Wide Area Network, Internet, and telecommunications system owned and/or operated by you.

  1. Service Specification and Features
      1. Voice Security
      1. Calling Line ID
      1. SIP Over Internet
    1. Service Pricing
      1. Please refer to your sign-up form for details of the applicable on-going Charges for the Service.
      2. Upfront Charges:
        1. If you sign up to an open term Plan, you agree to pay the following charge -  $395;
        2. If you sign up to a fixed term Plan of 24 months, you agree to pay the following charge - $195.
        3. If you sign up to a fixed term Plan of 36 months, there is no upfront charge.
      3. You will be billed for the Service once your service is operational and you are able to make calls via the PSTN. Other than any upfront charges which will be payable on invoice.
      4. Early Termination Charges - if you terminate the Service before the end of the initial term, early termination charges may apply:
        1. If you leave a 24 month fixed term Plan early, you agree to pay an early termination charge of $195.
        2. If you leave a 36 month fixed term Plan early, you agree to pay an early termination charge of $395.
    2. Moves, Adds and Changes
      1. In addition to the Service, you may request the following additional services:
        • Moves, Adds and Changes;
        • Professional services provided outside the scope of the support Services; and
        • Integration services
      2. 2degrees will perform MAC in accordance with the most current cost and structure for these services. Please find a range of 2degrees MAC forms here:
    3. Support
      1. We may, from time to time, undertake maintenance of any Service. If for any reason an outage is required, we will work with you to either reroute the calls, attempt to schedule the outage outside of NZ business hours or otherwise work with you to minimise the impact.
      2. Where 2degrees monitoring identifies an issue with any Service we may, from time to time, have to undertake urgent work to prevent outages and faults. Wherever possible, we will give you notice before we undertake the work.
      3. In addition to clause 11 of the Broadband Terms and Conditions and any other limitations of liability within the Applicable terms, 2degrees will not be responsible:
      4. for a failure by 2degrees due to any acts or omissions of its third-party providers, or if such failure is caused by any product or service supplied by third parties;
      5. for a failure by 2degrees due to the Customer’s Network or any equipment, or any other network (including but not limited to the Internet) or equipment outside the 2degrees network;
      6. if the Customer is in breach of any part of the Agreement that affects 2degrees’s ability to provide support, or if 2degrees suspends the Service or any part of it in accordance with the Agreement;
      7. where reasonable assistance is required from the Customer, or information is reasonably requested by 2degrees, and such assistance or information is not provided in a timely fashion;
      8. when a failure by 2degrees is due to a Force Majeure Event. (as defined in the Business Broadband Terms and Conditions)
      9. for a failure by 2degrees due to a planned outage or emergency service maintenance;
      10. where the customer has failed to implement any reasonable and clear instructions issued by 2degrees in relation to the Service.
    4. Your other responsibilities
      1. You are responsible for providing support for your Network, and any equipment or materials on your Network’s side of the Point of Connection.
      2. You are responsible for the cost, procurement, programming, reprogramming, installation or maintenance of your Network, and any equipment or materials on your Network’s side of the Point of Connection.
      3. You will ensure that your Network and any equipment or materials on your Network’s side of the Point of Connection, comply with the specifications determined by us from time to time for the purposes of enabling the effective operation of the Service for you.
      4. You must ensure that any equipment used in connection with providing the Service and located at your premises or data centre is sufficiently ventilated, away from extreme temperatures, and is supplied with surge protected power.
      5. You are responsible for providing rack or cabinet space in a data centre (where applicable) and any connection to your Network or other points of integration.
      6. Where it is required, you are responsible for providing internet connectivity to the Service.
      7. In the event you fail to comply with your obligations under this section we will be relieved from our support obligations under section 10.
      8. you are responsible for any costs associated with ensuring the security required for the operation of the Service. We are unable to exercise control over, and make no representations or warranties concerning, the security or content of data or information passing over the Network, any systems operated by third parties and the internet;
    5. Termination
      1. To the extent applicable, either party may terminate this Service, in accordance with clause 13 of the 2degrees Business Broadband Terms and Conditions and 2degrees may change the terms and conditions in accordance with clause 15 of the 2degrees Business Broadband Terms and Conditions.
      2. We are entitled to terminate this Service on written notice in the event we no longer provide Session Border Controllers.
    6. Definitions