2degrees Insight Network Service Terms and Conditions

  1. These specific terms and conditions apply in addition to the Business Broadband Terms and Conditions (to the extent applicable) and any other specific terms and conditions that may be applicable to a User under your Account (together, the Applicable Terms and Conditions). For the avoidance of doubt, any reference in the Business Broadband Terms and Conditions to Services shall include the Insight Network Service (as applicable).
  2. These specific terms and conditions will prevail in the case of inconsistency with the Applicable Terms and Conditions.
  3. Unless stated otherwise, capitalised terms have the same meaning given to them in the Applicable Terms and Conditions.
  4. Service Overview: The 2degrees Insight Network Service consists of the following selections and options:
    1. Standard (no additional cost):
      • Broadband connectivity
      • Gateway with stateful firewall / Network Address Translation (NAT)
      • Customer self-service portal
    2. Options (additional cost):
      • Gateway with enhanced unified threat management (UTM) firewall
      • 4G broadband backup
      • LAN switching
      • Wi-Fi – access point & gateway
  1. Broadband
    1. General:
      If Customer is taking fibre-based broadband (Fibre Service), this section 5 applies to Customer.

      Customer agrees to 2degrees sharing Customer’s information with the relevant Local Fibre Company (LFC) – Chorus Limited, Enable Services Limited, Tuatahi First Fibre Limited, Northpower Limited, Vital, or Vector Limited to the extent necessary for providing Fibre Services to Customer.

      In accepting the Fibre Services, Customer also agrees to be bound by the LFC’s end user terms as set out on the website of the Customer’s LFC which relate to the provision (which includes installation) and use of that part of the LFC’s network located on Customer’s premises.
    2. Installation:

      Customer confirms that it owns the premises where the Fibre Service will be installed, or have all the necessary consents to install it.

      Customer must be present at its premises during the installation of Customer’s Fibre Service.

      A non-standard installation may require additional charges. Customer will be advised of any additional charges that apply to Customer’s installation before any installation work is commenced.
    3. Availability of Service

      The Fibre Service is only available in locations which are sites enabled by Customer’s LFC, and where 2degrees has the required connections in place to the LFC.
    4. Copper wiring

      The copper wiring to Customer’s premises may be removed upon completion of the installation of Customer’s Fibre Service. If the copper wiring is removed, only the Fibre Service will be available at Customer’s premises.
    5. Equipment:

      Customer agrees that it will not damage or tamper with any of our and/or LFC devices provided at Customer’s premises for the delivery of the Fibre Services and it will follow any reasonable instructions 2degrees may have in relation to all such devices.

      All equipment provided by the LFC in order to use the Fibre Service will remain the property of the LFC.
  1. Speed

    Broadband is not available in all areas and broadband speeds do vary.

    Any statements made about broadband speeds are not guarantees about continuous speed. The actual speed Customer’s connection can achieve may depend on a number of factors, including how close your premises are to an exchange, Customer’s connection and wiring, the location and quality of the websites you choose to view, and any software you have downloaded (malicious or otherwise).

Note that fibre speeds vary by LFC for details of these speeds please check with your fibre provider.

Customer’s connection’s performance may also be affected by the number of users in Customer’s premises and also on our network or the network of third parties that we use to provide the broadband service.

  1. Insight Gateway Standard – Stateful Firewall & NAT

    Insight gateway Standard provides a stateful firewall and NAT function through the Insight Network gateways installed on Customer’s premises.

    Included with the Insight Network Service is a customer self-service management and reporting portal which enables authorised Customer personnel to:
  • Monitor their Insight Network Service and view certain parameters
    • Examples of this are:
      • Network traffic behaviour
      • Application visibility
    • Control and change certain parameters of their Insight Network Service
      • Examples of this are:
        • Change certain WiFi parameters
        • Custom firewall rule creation
  1. Insight Gateway – Enhanced Firewall (option)

    Insight Gateway Enhanced Firewall option adds additional unified threat management (UTM) functionality to a 40F & 60E gateway.

    UTM relies on internet connectivity through the gateway to maintain the UTM functionality and ensure updates are applied in a timely manner.

    The UTM functionality provides the following options in addition to Standard:
    1. Web-filtering:

      Web Filtering aims to restrict the content a reader is authorised to access. This may be used to improve security, limit objectionable activities or increase productivity within an organisation.

      An initial template (Essential template) is provided by 2degrees which a Customer can later change if required.

      Default template (category of restricted sites):
      • Hacking
      • Proxy Avoidance
      • Nudity & Risqué
      • Other adult materials
      • Pornography
      • Dynamic DNS
      • Malicious websites
      • Newly observed domain
      • Newly registered domain
      • Phishing
      • Spam URLs
    2. Anti Virus (AV)

      AV uses a suite of integrated security technologies designed to minimise a variety of threats, including both known and unknown malicious codes (e.g. malware), plus advanced targeted attacks (ATA), also known as advanced persistent threats (APT).
    3. Intruder Protection System (IPS)

      IPS is designed to protect Windows and Apple Mac clients by preventing them from sending data to known malicious sites. 
    4. Application Control

      Application control is initially set by 2degrees in “monitor mode” with the exception of P2P traffic which is blocked. 
    5. Botnet Protection:

      Botnet protection is designed to use DNS filtering with a filter applied to firewall policies.  All domains are logged and requests to command & control botnet sites (known to 2degrees and its providers) are blocked.
  1. Insight Network 4G Backup (option)
    This option allows a Site to use the 4G mobile network as back up connectivity in the event of an outage of the fixed line to the site.   Insight Network 4G Backup is delivered over the 2degrees mobile network and availability is restricted to Sites within 2degrees’ 4G coverage areas. A customer “Site” is defined as the location where a 2degrees Insight Gateway Standard or Insight gateway Enhanced Firewall is deployed and must include 2degrees broadband internet connectivity to the Gateway as part of the Insight Network Service.
  1. Insight Network LAN Switching (option)
    The Insight Network Service provides LAN switch options that includes power over ethernet (PoE) functionality to provide power to optional Insight Network WiFi Access Points (AP).  The LAN switch options are designed to connect directly to the on-site Insight Gateway.
  1. Insight Network Wi-fi (options)
    For all WiFi options, 2degrees recommends pre-installation and post-installation Wi-Fi site surveys are carried out. 2degrees can assist in arranging these.

    Insight WiFi functionality can be delivered in multiple ways: either directly by an Insight gateway with optional WiFi capability or via one or more Insight Access Points.  The WiFi options are designed to provide flexibility in customer WiFi deployment and you need to consider site coverage, data throughput, access point placement options and other factors when selecting the suitability of an Insight WiFi product option for you.
  1. Security Limitations
    The Insight Network Service has multiple network security options, but it should not be regarded as a complete cyber or network security solution.  Regardless of the security options(s) selected by the Customer, Insight Network Service should be regarded as part of Customer’s overall network security architecture, implementation and security practices and policy that Customer may have in place.

    Customer is responsible for its own network security.  2degrees makes no representation or warranty as to the security of the Insight Network Service.
  1. Self-service Portal
    The Customer will also be provided with access to a Fortinet self-service portal (Self-Service Portal) providing access to centralised reporting, traffic analysis, configuration management and log retention.

    Some changes initiated by the Customer through the Self-Service Portal may require 2degrees to make changes and this may be chargeable by 2degrees to the Customer.

    The Customer acknowledges and agrees that 2degrees will not be responsible for any loss (including relating to the loss of any data) resulting from any moves, adds, changes or any other actions carried out by the Customer or any of its staff.

    Customer may receive administrative access ID’s and passwords upon installation, registration. Customer shall be solely responsible for maintaining the security of its administration access information, and shall be fully responsible for, all activities which occur, relating to access to the Services under Customer’s administrative access ID.

    2degrees is not responsible for unexpected use of Services or data whether by ex-employees, compromised user passwords or any other misuse of Customer accounts. Upon termination of the Services, all data, including configuration data will be deleted.

    Customer will use the Self-Service Portal for the sole purpose of exercising its rights can carrying out its obligations under these terms and conditions.

    2degrees may at any time modify or replace the Self-Service Portal. 2degrees will notify Customer of such changes.
  1. Product Equipment (CPE) Specification and Features

(a) Insight Gateway (Fortigate CPE)


Insight Gateway CPE

URL for applicable datasheet


Model FG-40F



Model 40F-3G4G



Model 60E-DSL



(b) Insight LAN Switch (Fortiswitch CPE)


Insight PoE LAN switch

URL for applicable datasheet

Fortiswitch Models:

(8 Port Switch)


(24 Port Switch)




(c)Insight Access Point (FortiAP CPE)


Insight Access Point

Standard & Enhanced

URL for applicable datasheet


Model FAP-221E

Model FAP-431F



(d) Insight 4G Extender (FortiExtender CPE)


Insight 4G Extender

URL for applicable datasheet


Model FEX-211E



(e) Insight Power Injector (Fortinet GPI115-PoE)


Insight PoE Power Injector

URL for applicable datasheet

FortiNet Injector

Model GPI115-PoE


All CPE is and will remain the property of 2degrees and will be returned to 2degrees at the end of the term.


  1. Implementation
    2degrees will use reasonable efforts to install Customer’s Insight Network Service in the time frame that 2degrees may have agreed with Customer, however due to the inclusion of 3rd party components and services within Insight Network, there may be aspects outside of 2degrees’ control that may prevent the completion of the installation within the agreed time.  Where 2degrees is unable to complete installation within the agreed time, it will notify Customer and 2degrees will work with Customer to agree a revised timeframe.
    Customer is responsible for procuring any infrastructure necessary to receive the Insight Network Service. Customer is responsible for configuring and modifying any existing customer IT systems (if required).
  1. Configuration
    2degrees will configure the Customer’s initial deployment of the Insight Network Service in accordance with a standardised template with minor Customer configuration preferences. An example of a minor configuration preference is IP addressing.  If Customer requests more substantive configuration preferences then Customer must make available to 2degrees sufficiently skilled technical resources (at the Customer’s cost) to assist 2degrees to complete a requirements template and to provide the configuration preferences.
    The Customer is responsible for testing that the Insight Network Service has been deployed and is configured in accordance with its preferences.
  1. Fortinet Compliance and Special Termination
    In order to receive the Insight Network Service, the Customer must comply with the following obligations:
    1. End User License Agreement

      By signing the relevant order form, the Customer agrees to be bound by, and to comply with, the Fortinet End User License Agreement located at http://www.fortinet.com/doc/legal/EULA.pdf. The Customer acknowledges that the End User License Agreement and any other documentation the Customer receives from Fortinet (either directly or via 2degrees) remains the sole and exclusive property of Fortinet.
    2. Notice and Terms
      By signing the relevant order form the Customer also expressly acknowledges and agrees that 2degrees has clearly explained to Customer:
      • the date of the initial shipment of relevant hardware components relating to the supply of Insight Network from Fortinet (if applicable); and
      • that the terms of Insight Network and warranties relating to it will be governed by Fortinet’s policies, as stated at http://www.fortinet.com/aboutus/legal.html (or such other website or as otherwise designated by Fortinet),
        and the Customer must comply with any other terms and conditions and use all documentation that may be provided to the Customer by Fortinet via 2degrees from time to time.
    3. Compliance with laws:
      By signing the relevant order form the Customer expressly acknowledges and agrees that it will:
      • not commit any act which, directly or indirectly, would violate any law, regulation or order, including, without limitation, tax, export and foreign exchange laws, import controls, export controls, anti-boycott, banking or International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR);
      • not export, re-export, divert or transfer Insight Network (or any part of it) or any direct product thereof to any destination, company or person restricted or prohibited by the United States export controls, or disclose any data derived from Insight Network or any direct product thereof to any national of any country when such disclosure is restricted or prohibited by the United States or host country’s export controls; and
      • notify us if Customer is or becomes listed on the U.S. Department of Treasury’s Specialty Designated Nationals List and are not otherwise prohibited from receiving Insight Network.
    4. Termination and Special 2degrees Termination Right
      To the extent applicable, either party may terminate this Service,  in accordance with clause 13 of the 2degrees Business Broadband Terms and Conditions and 2degrees may change the terms and conditions in accordance with clause 15 of the 2degrees Business Broadband Terms and Conditions.

      In addition, 2degrees reserves the right to terminate the relevant Service Order(s) (or part of the relevant Service Order(s) or any Service Component) immediately on notice to the Customer in the event that:
      • Fortinet terminates its relationship with 2degrees; or
      • Customer is or becomes listed on the U.S. Department of treasury’s Specialty Designated Nationals List and are not otherwise prohibited from receiving Insight Network, and this termination right applies in addition to (and prevails over) any other inconsistent provisions in the Agreement.
    5. Limit on liability
      Without limitation to any exclusions or limitations under the Applicable Terms and Conditions, 2degrees is not liable for:
      •  problems on servers outside the 2degrees network;
      •  security incidents or failures on third party platforms;
      • internet failures;
      •  cyber security events or attacks;
      • security breaches outside of the 2degrees network
  1. Support
    1. We may, from time to time, undertake maintenance of any Service. If for any reason an outage is required, we will work with you to attempt to schedule the outage outside of NZ business hours or otherwise work with you to minimise the impact.
    2. Where 2degrees monitoring identifies an issue with any Service we may, from time to time, have to undertake urgent work to prevent outages and faults. Wherever possible, we will give you notice before we undertake the work.
  1. Product Pricing Structure
  2. Please refer to your sign-up form for details of the applicable Charges for the Service.
  3. If you cancel your Insight Network Service at any time during any fixed term you will be liable for and pay us a one-off early termination Charge being an amount equivalent to the combination of:
    1. 50% of all remaining Charges payable by you during the fixed term; and
    2. any waived installation Charges, or discounts or credits applied to your Account, during the fixed term.
  4. Self-install
    The standard installation option for all Insight Network Service equipment is Customer self-install.
    Self-Install means that the equipment will be shipped to a customer specified location where Customer designated personnel will receive, unpack and install the equipment in accordance with the installation instructions enclosed with the equipment.
  5. Managed Install
    A Managed Install option is available for the Customer where 2degrees will install the Insight Network Service equipment.  The standard Managed Install option excludes installations where the installation may be determined by 2degrees to be complex, remote or hazardous in nature – these are designated as non-standard installations.
    For a designated non-standard installation, the customer can obtain a quote from 2degrees and upon acceptance of that quote, 2degrees will proceed with the equipment installation.
  6. Pricing Table

The following table outlines the Pricing structure for the 2degrees Insight Network Service referred to in these terms and conditions:



Pricing Structure

Insight 40F gateway with fibre broadband (bandwidth as selected or LFC dependent) and optional add-ons WiFi, 4G

Fixed Monthly Fee

Insight 60E gateway with xDSL broadband

Fixed Monthly Fee

Insight 40F enhanced firewall with fibre broadband (bandwidth as selected or LFC dependent) and optional add-ons WiFi, 4G

Fixed Monthly Fee

Insight 60E enhanced firewall with xDSL broadband

Fixed Monthly Fee

Monthly Add-ons


Insight 4G flexi backup

Fixed Monthly Fee

Insight access point

Fixed Monthly Fee

Insight premium access point

Fixed Monthly Fee

Insight LAN switch

Fixed Monthly Fee

One-Off Options


Insight Managed Install, 40F

One Off Fee

Insight Managed Install, 60E

One Off Fee

Insight Managed Install, 4G Extender

One Off Fee

Insight Managed Install, Access Point

One Off Fee

Insight Managed Install, LAN switch

One Off Fee

Insight PoE Injector for Access Point

One Off Fee



  1. Moves, Adds and Changes (MAC’s Pricing):

2degrees will perform MAC’s as requested by the customer.

The page at the URL below outlines the most current cost, structure and time estimates for these services: