Business referral terms & conditions

How the Business Referral programme works:

The Business Referral programme is available to existing 2degrees business customers, who are referring potential new business customers within New Zealand. You’ll receive a reward for each referral you provide to 2degrees that results in successful activation of 2degrees services. 

To generate a valid referral, you must:

  1. Obtain the potential customer’s consent to refer them to and have them be contacted by 2degrees
  2. Complete and submit the online form

The potential customer you refer will be contacted by 2degrees, and if they successfully activate eligible business mobile or broadband services with us before 28 February 2021 the referral will then qualify for the Referral Reward.

When these services have been activated, we will contact you to confirm the referral was successful and arrange delivery of your reward.

Referral Reward:

For each business mobile or business broadband service activated by the referred customer in the manner described above, the referrer will receive a $50 Z Fuel gift card, up to a maximum of $1,000 per referral. Reward will be delivered by 31 March 2021.

Eligible Services:

Eligible mobile services are Business Choice plans (including $30 extra connections on $80 plan, and Business Choice Share), Business Connect Talk & Text. Business Connect Data connections are excluded.

Eligible broadband services are Smart Fibre 100 and 900, Smart VDSL Unlimited, Smart ADSL Unlimited, Work from Home Fibre.

Valid and invalid referrals:

If you refer a business who is already a customer of 2degrees the referral will be invalid. You cannot refer your own business, or a business you have an ownership stake in. A referred business with multiple locations will be considered as one referral and eligible for one referral reward.

2degrees reserves the right to find any referral invalid at our sole discretion and can decide whether or not to provide goods or services to any organisation referred. You must have permission to provide the contact details of the business you are referring. For the avoidance of doubt, the date of referral submission must be prior to the referred business signing a contract for services with 2degrees. If the referred customer does not activate services with 2degrees by 28 February 2021 the referral will be invalid.

2degrees reserves the right to change or remove this offer and the programme at any time. 

If the referred customer terminates their services with 2degrees within 60 days of activation, 2degrees reserves the right to require you to return the Referral Reward to us.

2degrees employees, contractors, dealers or other related parties are not eligible for the Business Referral programme, including any Referral Rewards.