Network Guarantee Terms and Conditions

  1. These terms and conditions apply to the 30-day money back network guarantee (Network Guarantee) provided by Two Degrees Mobile Limited (2degrees).
  2. These specific terms and conditions apply in addition to our Pay Monthly Terms and Conditions, 2degrees Carryover Plans Terms and Conditions, Interest Free Terms and Conditions and any other applicable terms and conditions. 
  3. If you were not a 2degrees Consumer customer at 12:00 am on 31 May 2021 or a 2degrees Business customer at 12.00am on 30 July 2021 and you sign up to a Pay Monthly Plan or Business Plan (Eligible Plan), you will be eligible for the Network Guarantee.
  4. If you are on the Eligible Plan and not satisfied with 2degrees’ network coverage, you have 30 days from the date of joining your Eligible Plan to claim the Network Guarantee (Claim Period). Any claims outside of the Claim Period will not be covered by the Network Guarantee.
  5. If you are eligible for the Network Guarantee, you will be refunded for any charges relating to your Eligible Plan monthly fee within the Claim Period. If you purchased an interest free handset from 2degrees (excluding iPads and tablets) (Eligible Handset) at the time of signing up to your Eligible Plan, then subject clause 7 below, you are also entitled to receive a full refund for your Eligible Handset (including the $29 upfront payment, any interest free instalments paid and the final device payment).
  6. To claim the Network Guarantee on your Eligible Plan, you will need to call Customer Care or go into your local 2degrees store. To claim the Network Guarantee on your Eligible Handset, you will need to go into your local 2degrees store.
  7. The Eligible Handset must be returned in a like-new condition (including the handset, charger, headphones, battery, instructions and any other components) in its original box, with no damage such as cracks, chips or visible signs of wear and tear.
  8. If you wish to keep the Eligible Handset, the remaining balance of the Eligible Handset will be added to your final bill for payment. Any discounts applied to your Account in relation to the Eligible Handset will be added to your remaining balance on your final bill (sorry, if you claim the Network Guarantee and want to keep the Handset, you can’t keep any discounts).
  9. The Network Guarantee does not apply to:
    1. any handsets which do not comply with the requirements set out in clause 7 The remaining handset balance will be added to the final bill for payment;
    2. any services not included in your Eligible Plan (eg excludes Add Ons, International calls, overage, Premium calls/texts etc). The remaining service(s) balance will be added to the final bill for payment;
    3. any handsets or devices purchased using any payment method other than Interest Free including, but not limited to, cash or credit that has been applied to your Account  (i.e. the Network Guarantee applies to handsets or devices purchased on Interest Free only);
    4. any accessories purchased. If accessories were purchased using Interest Free the remaining accessory balance will be added to final bill for payment;
    5. any services or handset gift(s) with purchase (GWP) cannot be returned. If you received a GWP at the time of joining your Eligible Plan/purchasing your Eligible Handset, the RRP for that GWP (or remaining balance if applicable) will be added to final bill for payment; and
    6. any handset purchased using Trade In as part of handset payment. The remaining handset balance will be added to final bill for payment.
  1. Any Eligible Plan and/or Eligible Handset refunds will be refunded to your nominated bank account no later than 3 weeks after your final bill is generated.
  2. One Network Guarantee per individual or business only.
  3. The Network Guarantee is not transferable or exchangeable. 
  4. The Network Guarantee is not available to employees of 2degrees or Two Degrees New Zealand Limited. 
  5. We reserve the right to change or withdraw these Network Guarantee terms and conditions at any time or not offer the Network Guarantee if we suspect that acceptance of the Network Guarantee is not genuine or risks being abused. If we do not offer the Network Guarantee we will tell you before your sign up is complete.
  6. You are deemed to accept these terms and conditions at the time of taking the steps set out in clause 3