Free until 1 May 2023 and 15% off Business Mobile Plans Promotion for Wellington and Porirua Chamber of Commerce Members

  1. These terms and conditions apply to the Free until 1 May 2023 and 15% off Business Plans promotion for Wellington and Porirua Chamber of Commerce Members (“Promotion”) conducted by Two Degrees Mobile Limited (“2degrees”).
  2. These specific terms and conditions apply in addition to our Business Terms and Conditions, Business Account Terms and Conditions and any relevant Plan Terms and Conditions. 
  3. The Promotion begins on 1 December 2023 and ends on 29th February 2024(“Promotion Period”). 
  4. If you
    1. are a member of Wellington or Porirua Chamber of Commerce and you are able to show us your membership number:
    2. were not a 2degrees business customer at 12:00am on 1 December 2023 and
    3. during the Promotion Period you sign up to any Business Choice or Business Connect mobile plans (each an “Eligible Plan”)
    we will credit your account with your monthly base plan fee until the 30th April 2024 (“Plan Credit”) and you will be eligible for a 15% discount (“Discount”) on your monthly base plan fee for as long as you stay on the same Plan.
  5. By signing up to the Plan, you acknowledge that 2degrees may collect, hold and use your personal information in accordance with our Privacy Policy, including disclosing your personal information to any Chamber in the NZ Chambers Network]
  6. The Plan Credit and Discount is applied to your monthly plan fee only and excludes other additional charges, including add-ons.  
  7. The Discount may not be applied until your second Bill. 
  8. One Plan Credit and Discount per plan. 
  9. You must remain on the Eligible Plan you signed up to during the Promotion Period to keep receiving the Discount. If you change to another Plan at any time, the Discount will not be applied. 
  10. The Plan Credit and Discount is not transferable or exchangeable and is not available in conjunction with other offers or plans offered at a discounted rate. 
  11. We reserve the right to change or withdraw this Promotion or any of the Eligible Plans at any time. 
  12. You are deemed to accept these terms and conditions at the time of taking the steps set out in clause 4 above.