Business Roaming Terms and Conditions

  1. If you are on a 2degrees Business Plan under a Business Account and you are using your Mobile Phone to roam overseas, then these terms and conditions apply to you.
  2. These terms and conditions apply in addition to the Business Terms and Conditions, Business Account Terms and Conditions, our Fair Use Policy and any other 2degrees terms and conditions that apply to your use of our services
  3. In the case of inconsistency with these terms and the terms referred to in clause 2 above, these terms will prevail. Unless stated otherwise, capitalised terms used shall have the same meaning given to them in the Business Terms and Conditions and the Business Account Terms and Conditions.
  4. terms set out below apply to you and you are deemed to have accepted them when you use your Mobile Phone to roam in destinations outside of NZ.
  5. Worldwide destinations are divided into five 2degrees Business Roaming categories where you will be subject to different rates, terms and service availability, as follows:
    1. $0 Daily Business Roaming Destinations
    2. $8 Daily Business Destinations
    3. $57 Business Roaming Add-On Destinations
    4. No Data Destinations
    5. No Service Destinations
  6. All rates are in NZ dollars.

$0 and $8 Daily Business Roaming

  1. If you are using your Mobile Phone in selected overseas destinations as set out on our Business Roaming website (“$0 Daily Business Roaming Destinations), you will carry on using your base Business Plan Benefits (Minutes, Texts and/or Data) as though you are in NZ, at no additional cost (“$0 Daily Business Roaming”).
  2. If you are using your Mobile Phone in selected overseas destinations as set out on our Business Roaming website (“$7 Daily Business Roaming Destinations”), you will carry on using your base Business Plan Benefits (Minutes, Texts and/or Data) as though you are in NZ, for $8 per day (“Daily Rate”) (“$8 Daily Business Roaming”).
  3. Only your Business Plan Minutes, Texts and/or Data allocations are included in $0 and $8 Daily Business Roaming. Add-ons, International Chat Pack, special rates, promotions and deals are not included and may incur additional charges on use overseas.
  4. When you are in a $0 or $8 Daily Business Roaming Destination, you can use your Business Plan Minutes allocation to call any standard mobile or landline in NZ, Aussie, and the destination you are located in (as applicable). Premium rate numbers and satellite phones are excluded and may incur additional charges.
  5. When you are in a $0 or $8 Daily Business Roaming Destination, you can use your Business Plan Texts allocation to text any standard mobile in NZ, Aussie, and the destination you are located in (as applicable). Premium rate numbers and satellite phones are excluded and may incur additional charges.
  6. Calls and texts made to any destination other than those described in the two clauses above will be treated as international calls or texts and will be charged as if you had made the call or sent the text from New Zealand. You can see the current rates that apply to international calls and texts on our website here.
  7. Roaming in $0 and $8 Daily Business Roaming Destinations will be automatically activated once you connect to a network in applicable destinations and start using your Mobile Phone. For $7 Daily Business Roaming, the Daily Rate will be triggered and charged when you do any of the following:
    1. make a call (including to voicemail);
    2. receive a call (or don’t answer an incoming call that diverts to your voicemail);
    3. send a text; or
    4. use mobile data.

Note: the Daily Rate may be triggered through use of mobile data by apps operating in the background on your Mobile Phone. If you want to ensure you avoid incurring the Daily Rate in $7 Daily Business Roaming Destinations, make sure your Mobile Phone is either off or in-flight mode for the duration of your time in those destinations.

  1. You will be charged the Daily Rate for each day you use your Mobile Phone in a $8 Daily Business Roaming Destination. A day is counted as 00:00 to 23:59 NZ time. If you travel to multiple $7 Daily Business Roaming Destinations in a day (or to a $8 Daily Business Roaming Destination and any other overseas destination in a day), you will only be charged the Daily Rate once.
  2. If you run out of your Minutes or Texts allocations under your Business Plan while you are roaming in a $0 or $8 Daily Business Roaming Destination and you continue to make calls and send texts, you will be charged at our standard NZ
  3. If you run out of your Data allocation under your Business Plan while you are roaming in a $0 or $8 Daily Business Roaming Destination and you would like to continue using mobile data, you can purchase more in the same way you would if you were in NZ by buying an NZ Data Pack.
  4. $0 Daily Business Roaming is made available to kiwi based businesses which have staff who frequently travel to Australia for business. There are no limits on the number of business trips you may make to Australia or the aggregate number of days from those business trips. $0 Daily Business Roaming is not available if you have relocated to Australia.  If in our reasonable opinion we consider that you have relocated to Australia and are no longer business roaming we may contact you to clarify whether you have relocated to Australia. If you have relocated to Australia we may ask you to move plans. If after a reasonable period you have not moved plans we may suspend, modify or restrict your use of the Services or withdraw in full or in part your access to the Services with notice to you.
  5. Due to network provider restrictions, reduced maximum data speeds of 300Kb/sec apply in certain $8 Daily Business Roaming Destinations, as set out on our Business Roaming website.
  6. If you are roaming in an overseas destination other than a $0 or $8 Daily Business Roaming Destination, different rates will apply to you, as set out below.

$57 Business Roaming Add-On

  1. If you are in selected overseas destinations as set out on our Business Roaming website ($57 Business Roaming Add-On Destinations) and you would like to use mobile data in those destinations, you will need to purchase a $50 Business Roaming Add-On data pack.
  2. You can only purchase a data pack for $57 Business Roaming Add-On Destinations, and only once you are in one of those destinations. When you arrive in a $50 Business Roaming Add-On Destination and take your Mobile Phone off flight mode, you will receive a welcome text from 2degrees. To enable data roaming, purchase a data pack by following the instructions in the welcome text. If you do not purchase a data pack, you will not be able to use mobile data in that destination.
  3. Tablet users will not receive a welcome text and will be required to insert their SIM into a SMS compatible Mobile Phone in order to purchase and activate a data pack for their connection
  4. A data pack is valid for 30 NZ days from purchase and you will lose any unused roaming data on expiry of this time.
  5. If you use up all of your purchased roaming data and you would like to continue to use data in a $57 Business Roaming Add-On Destination, you will need to purchase another data pack.
  6. A data pack can be used in all $57 Business Roaming Add-On Destinations. One data pack can be used across multiple applicable destinations for as long as it is valid.

Calls and texts in $57 Business Roaming Add-On Destinations and No Data Destinations

  1. Data roaming is not available in selected destinations as set out on our Business Roaming website (“No Data Destinations”). When you arrive in a No Data Destination and take your Mobile Phone off flight mode, you will receive a welcome text from 2degrees.
  2. If you are in a $57 Business Roaming Add-On Destination or No Data Destination, you will be charged 2degrees’ casual roaming rates for calls and texts relating to the particular destination you are in.
  3. You can check out 2degrees’ casual roaming call and text rates on our Business Roaming website. There is no charge for receiving texts.
  4. Casual roaming call rates apply per minute and part minutes are rounded up to the next whole minute. Rates apply for calls to standard mobile or landlines only and exclude calls to premium rate numbers and satellite phones.
  5. Casual roaming texts sent are subject to a 160 character limit. If you exceed this limit, you will be charged for additional texts.

No Service Destinations

  1. There are no roaming services available to 2degrees Business customers in selected overseas destinations, as set out on our Business Roaming website (“No Service Destinations”). When you are in a No Service Destination, you will not be able to use calling, text or mobile data functionality on your Mobile Phone through your 2degrees Business Account.


  1. All roaming charges are in addition to your monthly Business Plan charges.
  2. All roaming charges incurred will be applied to the Business Account associated with your connection and will appear on the Business Account’s bill. 2degrees will endeavour to capture all roaming charges in the subsequent Bill following the roaming activity but this will not always be possible, including where an external network provider is delayed in advising us of roaming activity and where this occurs, charges may appear on a later bill.
  3. Business roaming pricing, destinations, and service availability are all subject to change without notice at any time. Please visit our Business Roaming website to check the latest pricing and destination inclusions that apply to you before you travel.
  4. 2degrees Business Roaming is only available to 2degrees Business customers who are normally resident in NZ.
  5. Cruise ship and in-flight roaming are not included in any Business Roaming daily rates or data packs and are subject to separate rates and terms as set out on our website here.
  6. 2degrees reserves the right to hard steer traffic to certain network providers.
  7. Business Roaming services are only available within the coverage of each of 2degrees’ overseas roaming partner’s networks. We do our best to select roaming partners that provide quality services to you but you acknowledge and agree it is not possible for network providers to provide a fault-free service at all times and we will not be responsible for any issues or service failures relating to the provision of roaming services by third party network providers (including disconnection, lack of coverage or the performance of that provider’s network).