Direct Debit Authority

References to ‘2degrees’ means Two Degrees Mobile Limited or Two Degrees New Zealand Limited and its employees, agents and third parties appointed by 2degrees to perform any act in connection with your account.

  1. These terms and conditions apply where the Customer has requested to set up a Direct Debit Authority against their 2degrees Account.
  2. 2degrees agrees to give advance notice to the Customer of the net amount each Direct Debit and the due date of debiting at least two business days before the date when the Direct Debit will be initiated. The advance notice will be provided in writing by electronic means.
  3. 2degrees may upon the relationship giving rise to this Direct Debit Authority being terminated, give notice to the Bank that no further Direct Debits are to be initiated under the Direct Debit Authority. Upon receipt of such notice the Bank may terminate this Direct Debit Authority as to future payments by notice in writing to the Customer.
    1. At any time, terminate this Direct Debit Authority as to future payments by giving notice of termination to the Bank and to 2degrees by means agreed by the Customer, Bank and 2degrees.
    2. Stop payment of any Direct Debit to be initiated under this Direct Debit Authority by 2degrees by giving written notice to the Bank prior to the Direct Debit being paid by the Bank.
    3. Where a variation to the amount agreed between 2degrees and the Customer from time to time to be Direct Debited has been made without notice being given in terms of clauses 2 and 3 above, request the Bank to reverse or alter any such Direct Debit initiated by 2degrees by debiting the amount of the reversal or alteration of a Direct Debit back to 2degrees through 2degrees’ Bank PROVIDED such request is made not more than 120 days from the date when the Direct Debit was debited to the Customer’s Account.
  4. The Customer acknowledges that:
    1. This Direct Debit Authority will remain in full force and effect in respect of all Direct Debits passed to the Customer’s Account in good faith notwithstanding the Customer’s death, bankruptcy or other revocation of this Direct Debit Authority until actual notice of such event is received by the Bank.
    2. In any event this Direct Debit Authority is subject to any arrangement now or hereafter existing between the Customer and the Bank in relation to the Customer’s Account.
    3. Any dispute as to the correctness or validity of an amount debited to the Customer’s Account shall not be the concern of the Bank except in so far as the Direct Debit has not been paid in accordance with this Direct Debit Authority. Any other dispute lies between the Customer and 2degrees.
    4. Where the Bank has used reasonable care and skill in acting in accordance with this Direct Debit Authority, the Bank accepts no responsibility or liability in respect of:
      1. the accuracy of information about Direct Debits on Bank statements; and
      2. any variations between notices given by 2degrees and the amounts of Direct Debits.
    5. The Bank is not responsible for, or under any liability in respect of 2degrees’ failure to give notice in accordance with clauses 2 and 3 above nor for the non-receipt or late receipt of notice by the Customer for any reason whatsoever. In any such situation the dispute lies between the Customer and 2degrees.
  5. The Bank may:
    1. In its absolute discretion conclusively determine the order of priority of payment by it of any monies pursuant to this or any other Direct Debit Authority, cheque or draft properly signed by the Customer and given to or drawn on the Bank.
    2. At any time terminate this Direct Debit Authority as to future payments by notice in writing to the Customer.
    3. Charge its current fees for this service in force from time-to-time.