Mobile Phone Sites

To ensure all New Zealanders have access to better value mobile products and services, we are continuing to build our nationwide network, which not only provides our customers with great coverage, but also caters for future growth as consumer demand increases.

Our network

At the heart of our business is a sophisticated network of mobile phone sites. These sites are low-powered radio technology that works by transmitting and receiving signals using radio frequency (RF) waves. The radio waves they use are the same as those used by cordless phones, baby monitors, and radio-controlled toys.

Site selection

The 2degrees network uses a unique radio spectrum, so we often need our own physical infrastructure. As housing developments grow and more people work from home, there’s more pressure on the 2degrees network that we want to address, to keep up with demand and continue to give our customers the best service.

When choosing a location for our equipment, we’ll either be looking at installing a new cell site or upgrading an existing site. We look at site options and try to get the balance right between what the technology need is, using existing infrastructure where possible, and – if we have to build – fitting in within the local streetscape.

Providing good network coverage is a key consideration when selecting a site and sometimes that limits where we can put our equipment. As a rule, mobile phone sites need to be near where mobile devices are to provide service.

We follow the process set up by the Resource Management Act (RMA). There are some National Environmental Standards specifically for telcos where the Government has set criteria about the size, noise, positioning, and radio frequency emitted by sites. We are assessed against these standards which you can find on the Ministry of Environment’s website.

While we often don’t need to get resource consent from local Councils by following these standards, we always give residents in the immediate area as much notice as possible. Residents close to the site location will receive a letter from us ahead of any upgrade or installation to let them know what we’re doing and provide an idea of what the finished site will look like.

Health and Safety

Scientists have been studying the effects of radio waves on people for years, especially those from mobile phones and towers. The science confirms that sites are completely safe if operated within approved safety standards. The Ministry of Health sets the standards we follow in New Zealand. These standards are regularly reviewed in line with the recommendations made by international authorities including the World Health Organisation.

You can find out more on the Ministry of Health website.

Contact us

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