2degrees Student Perks TIDAL promotion - prior to 7 September 2016

These terms and conditions apply to the “2degrees Student Perks Programme” (“Student Perks”) conducted by Two Degrees Mobile Limited (“2degrees”).

  1. These specific terms and conditions apply in addition to our Prepay Terms and Conditions and Carryover Combo Terms and Conditions.  
  2. If you are a currently enrolled student at a tertiary institute or secondary school in New Zealand with student ID, you may join Student Perks by either:
    1. Getting a 2degrees Student SIM at selected institutions, or with your Student ID at a 2degrees retail store; or
    2. Signing up at a 2degrees retail store with your student ID or, if you have a .ac.nz email address, online at 2degreesmobile.co.nz.

Carryover Combo Rewards

3. If you have joined Student Perks, we will give you a bonus 500MB of NZ Carryover Data each time you purchase a $19 Carryover Combo.

4. You will not be eligible to receive any other Carryover Combo Reward offered by 2degrees while you are a member of Student Perks.

Tidal Launch Offer – Free Trial

5. These terms and conditions apply to the 12-month free trial of the Tidal Music subscription service offered by Tidal and 2degrees (“Offer”)

6. The Offer gives you a free subscription to Tidal for a period of 12 months from the date you redeem the Offer (“Offer Period”).

7. The Offer is available from 9.00am on 2 February 2016 until 7 September 2016, to the first 25,000 2degrees Prepay customers in New Zealand who: 

    1. have registered for the Student Perks programme before 7 September 2016; and
    2. after registering for Student Perks, purchase and keep an active $19 Carryover Combo during the Offer Period.

8.The Offer is redeemed through the Tidal app on your device, or on the Tidal website. For questions or assistance on redeeming your Offer, please visit the Tidal Help Centre at https://support.tidal.com/hc/en-us

9. You must redeem the Offer within 30 days of receiving your access code to Tidal.

10. You will lose access to Tidal if:

    1. your $19 Carryover Combo expires, and you do not renew your $19 Carryover Combo within 14 days of its expiry. You will not regain access to Tidal if you repurchase your $19 Carryover Combo after that 14 day period; or
    2. you cancel your 2degrees Prepay account and port out to another service provider; or
    3. you cancel your subscription to Tidal during the Free Trial.

11. If you change your mobile device or phone number during the Free Trial, you can continue to access your Tidal account by logging into the Tidal application with your Tidal information on your new device.

12. The Free Trial and ongoing Tidal subscription is subject to Tidal’s Terms and Conditions of use: http://tidal.com/nz/terms  

13.The Offer is not valid with any other Tidal subscription offer and cannot be transferred to anyone else. 

14. Streaming music using Tidal will use any data entitlements available under your 2degrees Prepay Account, or otherwise you will be charged the standard data rate per MB as published on our website at 2degreesmobile.co.nz.