Backup Broadband Terms and Conditions

  1. These terms and conditions apply in addition to our Broadband Terms and Conditions and any other specific terms and conditions applying to your Broadband Plan, Mobile Plan or Account with 2degrees.
  2. In the case of inconsistency with these terms and the Broadband Terms and Conditions, these terms will prevail. Unless stated otherwise, capitalised terms have the same meaning given to them in the Broadband Terms and Conditions, Pay Monthly Terms and Conditions or Prepay Terms and Conditions, as the case may be.
  3. Backup Broadband means an allowance of NZ only mobile data that is made available to you in accordance with these Terms and Conditions.
  4. Backup Broadband is only available if:
    1. you are a 2degrees home broadband plan customer; and 
    2. one or more members of your household is a 2degrees Pay Monthly customer or has an active Carryover Combo (eligible customer).
  5. Backup Broadband is available to eligible customers if they contact the 2degrees Care team when they experience a broadband outage, and the 2degrees Care team is unable to resolve the broadband outage issue. The broadband outage issue must also be related to our broadband network, Services or hardware supplied by 2degrees, and the exclusions listed in these terms do not apply.
  6. Backup Broadband can be applied to one eligible customer’s mobile Plan and will be used before the plan's data allowance.
  7. Each application of Backup Broadband will expire when the data is consumed or within five days from the date it is first applied.
  8. Backup Broadband may be shared through Shared Data, as a mobile wifi hotspot or by tethering with other devices.
  9. If you exceed your Backup Broadband, you will start to use your plan’s base data. If you exceed both your Backup Broadband and your plan’s base data, you will need to buy a data pack or consume data at the standard casual rates.
  10. Backup Broadband may be provided where:
    1. Fixed connection fault 2degrees supplied hardware fault
    2. Delay in technician been available 
    3. When your service is disconnected in error 
    4. Where you are moving house and have provided 2degrees with the required notice, but your broadband at your new house isn't working because 2degrees has not ported your connection, our technicians have not turned up, or someone other broadband issue within 2degrees's control.
  11. Circumstances where Backup Broadband won’t be provided include:
    1. If you exceed your mobile or broadband plan’s monthly data allowance 
    2. If your relevant Service has been suspended, restricted, or is on hold or barred due to credit reasons or has been reported lost or stolen
    3. For a low broadband connection speed
    4. When there is a hardware failure – e.g. tablet, PC, non-2degrees supplied modem
    5. When changing to another provider and the new connection is delayed
    6. In a broadband 'port waiting' situation
  12. In certain circumstances (eg if you are experiencing intermittent broadband connection issues) you may be asked to keep using your broadband connection (which you must do) to enable 2degrees to diagnose and resolve the broadband issues.